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Beginner Muscle Building Tips

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Building muscles isn’t just about going into the gym and lifting as much weight as possible. Most people start that beginner muscle building tipsway but the progression from beginner to intermediate takes place not just from time spent lifting but also in wisdom and knowledge gained about the process and understanding about what it truly takes to change your body.

It is a combination of proper nutrition, rest, a good training routine, working hard, and being consistent that eventually pays off in the transformation to the new you. But most people new to lifting don’t understand that at first. Part of this issue is typically these people are younger and their bodies respond quickly to basic training. But as your progress and/or age you need to do more and cover more of the bases if you want to continue to be successful.

With that in mind here is a list of tips for beginners to learn. Learning and understanding these bits of information will help on the path to knowledge and wisdom.

Beginner Tips

  • Learning to feel the muscles as they are being worked will let you understand when training is effective and when it isn’t. Learn the muscle-mind connection sooner to prevent injury and speed up gains.
  • Perfect form always trumps heavy weight. You will get more muscle fiber recruitment with the proper form. There are no muscle fibers being used by your ego.
  • The sum of the parts is always greater than the individual pieces. When you add training to a good diet, proper rest, and intensity the results multiply instead of just adding together.
  • Supplements are great but a healthy diet is better. Everyone agrees that you add supplements to make a great diet a little better. You don’t use supplements to make a mediocre diet good.
  • You will not always be perfect about your diet habits or hitting all of your workouts. Take it in stride because a little break never hurt anyone, but getting stressed out about it ruins future workouts as well.
  • You can increase muscle strength without increasing weight lifted.
  • Learn to visualize what you want to look like. You need to have a goal to be striving for so you understand why you are training and what you expect each exercise to do to reach that goal.
  • Proper rest is essential to muscle growth. If you are tired and sore then take an extra day of rest. Your muscles are literally growing during the rest phase.
  • Focus in the gym takes practice and you should be practicing it on every rep and set you do. Why waste time doing something unless you are going to do is right and get the most out of it.
  • The proper amount of protein you need to eat is probably more than you currently eat.
  • Compound exercises and classic powerliting exercises build big muscles and strong bodies. They will provide a solid foundation to build off of.
  • If you don’t know proper form, learn. There is no excuse these days. Doing something incorrectly can quickly leads to an injury which is always a training killer.
  • Proper warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretching are not just for older people. These are 3-keys that will make everything you do at the gym more effective. Why give 100% to a workout that is only 80% effective because you keep skipping an important part that accounts for 20%?

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