Bodybuilding Supplement Articles and Advertisements – How much can I trust them?

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The internet is an amazing thing, but sometimes there can be too much information especially when it comes to bodybuilding supplement articles. It can sometimes be ridiculous finding quality information that is trustworthy. Why is that?

The internet has become is a sales device. The original purpose was to simply share information. But now people try to monetize everything they possibly can. When it comes to selling products like bodybuilding supplements, people have gotten creative in the ways they look to sell their products to prospective customers.

The problem is now people aren’t always sure what to believe and who to trust.

Who is telling the story?bodybuilding supplements

The first thing you have to look at when reading bodybuilding supplement articles or looking at advertisements is who is providing the information? One of the benefits of reading a magazine like Men’s Health is that you are relying on the integrity of those reporters providing you information. While any publication needs revenue from ads, you have a certain level of comfort that if they produce an article on a product as a review it isn’t just trying to sell that particular product.

One of the problems about the internet is if you search for a specific product, many times you find multiple sites that all seem to say the same thing. These cluster-sites are usually created by the producer of the product and include fake reviews or even fake “comparison” sites that rank their product highly. So how can you trust that?

Why are they telling the story?

There is a difference between people providing lots of information for the purpose of providing information, and those who are simply providing information just to sell one specific product.

You look at something again like Men’s Health. They are selling subscriptions to provide information to consumers. They also sell ad space but you never see them writing articles on the watches or golf clubs that they have ads for.

Now you could say, “well you guys sell products too,” which is 100% true. But we sell a huge range of products. When you look at the articles we provide on this site which cover fitness and nutrition it is all about providing information. We aren’t looking to sell anything specific. Even if we talk about the “best Creatine products,” those products we tout are recognized by plenty of other people as being top products as well.

What are the qualifications?

People who have spent thousands of hours in the gym, years of practicing and living the fitness lifestyle, along with having tried various diets, supplements, and training routine are the people that should be providing the information you find useful. Add into that professional trainers, nutritionists, and medical professionals that focus on fitness and you have a pretty good group of people that can give useful information.

For example, I have been working out for over fifteen years. Add to that time as a personal trainer and the same number of years trying various products and studying nutrition. The end result is providing articles built on practical experience along with research of published articles in medical journals which should give readers a certain level of comfort when reading bodybuilding supplement articles on this site.

The bottom line is before you can trust those people providing those articles or that the advertisements are truthful you need to look at all of those aspects – who is telling the story, why are they telling it, and what are their qualifications. Then you should be able to make a determination of how useful and trustworthy the information is or if you should take it with a grain of salt.

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