Bodybuilding Supplements to Take for Mass

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How can I gain more muscle mass? This is a big question for people first starting in the iron game, especially those that start lifting because their body is naturally smaller from a muscle standpoint. Mass…size…beefcake…it is all the same thing. It is the difference between people not caring when you take your shirt off to going, “Wow!”

For people that are looking to gain mass there are four things you have to look at: the workout, bodybuilding supplements to take, your diet, and recovery.

The Science of Gaining Mass

Overall the idea behind gaining mass is fairly simple; you work your muscles hard, provide them with the nutrients bodybuilding supplements for massthey need to recover and grow, then you rest and let that growth take place. The cycle is repeated over and over while your muscles gain size.

So if the idea is so simple then why does it seem so dang hard sometimes? Honestly the answer is because people don’t pay attention to all four factors. They might get one or two down but skip the others, which in turn does not net optimum results. Now if you look at big beefy bodybuilders, they are the ones that have learned to combine all four aspects together to get the maximum growth from each training session.

You see, it all combines together if you want maximum growth. You need to eat well to have building blocks available for your body to use during training and afterwards. People take bodybuilding supplements to add another layer of energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the mix which makes workouts even more potent and recovery faster. Then you work really hard in the gym and follow that up with good rest (sleep) for the body to recuperate.

Top 5 Supplements for Mass

The best bodybuilding supplements to take for mass focus on just what we talked about; providing energy and nutrients the body needs during and after the workout. There are lots of other great supplements out there that serve other purposes, but right now we are talking about mass.

  1. Whey Protein – It has been proven time and time again that whey protein is a critical component for people looking to gain size. Your body needs protein to support lean muscle mass and whey protein is a manufactured source that absorbs easily, has a high value of amino acids, helps with muscle repair, and improves metabolism.
  2. Creatine – This stuff almost feels illegal because of how well it works. It actually occurs naturally in your body, but we burn through it so quickly and it replenishes slowly. It is used for energy production which helps makes your workouts more intense and productive. Plus it increases muscle cell volume by keeping them fuller with water which makes you look bigger and it helps with recovery.
  3. Beta Alanine – While you do get amino acids from protein and other foods, for muscle building it is helpful to have an excess. This particular amino acid helps delay muscle fatigue and failure which means you can push yourself further and create more muscle growth faster.
  4. Glutamine – Glutamine is an amino acid that helps slow muscle tissue breakdown during intense exercise and it helps increase strength and endurance. For those looking for mass that makes this a critical bodybuilding supplement to take.
  5. BCAA’s – Branch-chain amino acids make up about 30% of the skeletal muscle in the body and therefore are important to have an excess of. They provide a huge boost to muscle recovery and often people take them during and after workouts.

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