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Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

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The gym can be an intimidating place when you first start working out. It is natural to feel awkward or out-of-placebodybuilding tips for beginners in any new environment and a gym, with mirrors everywhere and an open floor plan, can make you feel self conscious.

What tends to change that feeling is self confidence brought on from experience and knowledge. So absorb these bodybuilding tips into your knowledge base. Then hit the gym with renewed confidence as you become more familiar with the surroundings. Soon the gym will feel more like home with the weights calling your name each time you step through those doors.

Top 5 Tips for Beginners

  • Watch Videos – Understanding the proper way to do exercises takes time. You need to develop a mind-muscle connection to ensure you are working the target muscle with any exercise. Reviewing instructional videos from bodybuilders with years of experience helps you better understand what you should be doing and exactly how to do it. This also helps with learning proper form versus improper form that can lead to injury. These pro-tips make it less of a hit-or-miss experience.
  • Love Compound Exercises – All successful bodybuilders had to lay a foundation of muscle before they started working on shape. From Arnold to Coleman, each one readily admits that you need to go hard and heavy with big, basic exercises to build size. Make sure that each workout centers around a few big compound exercises until you have built a strong foundation, then you can work on shaping what you have built.
  • Start Simple – Complex multi-split routines are often for advanced lifters. Take your time easing into routines because your body is not ready for massive amounts of work. A nice, basic routine is the best for a beginner as you learn the ropes of training. Plus, in the early stages it is easy to make your body grow and you do not need a lot of intensity techniques or intricate programs.
  • Study Nutrition – Far too many people just focus on working out from day 1 and do not understand how big of a deal proper nutrition is. Eating properly and taking good supplements at the right time can massively increase your gains. Not only that, but a tight diet can help create a tight body much quicker than just doing cardio alone. By taking the time early to learn what to do and what not to do, you can literally make huge jumps in how your body looks in the shortest time. This is probably the most overlooked of the bodybuilding tips for beginners.
  • Rest – Another key concept beginners don’t always understand is that you have to rest to grow. Let’s repeat that because it is so important; you have to rest to grow. During a workout you stress and break down your muscles fibers. In response your body tries to recover and adapt by growing bigger and stronger so the next time that situation happens it will be prepared. You need the proper building blocks available for maximum recovery (nutrition) and you need rest as well. Muscles don’t grow during a workout, they grow after it. So take an extra day off when you are sore and tired without worry. Sometimes beginners get so caught up in working out that they push themselves into an overtrained state for fear of missing out on potential gains. In actuality, taking an extra day of rest instead of working out will lead to more gains.

These are 5 of the best bodybuilding tips for beginners. Many of us who have been in the iron game for years look back and wish someone had hammered this information into us because we all know that if they had, we would have made better gains earlier on.

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