Secrets to Muscle Growth

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Are there secrets to growing bigger, stronger muscles? You bet there are! Are we going to share them with you? You bet we are!

The world of muscle, fitness, and nutrition is actually quite vast. There are lots of principles and ideas for training that can be used depending on what you are training for as well as your experience level. It is because of this that we have so many tips and tricks from experts.

The funny thing is that many things work when applied correctly. A lot of that has to do with our bodies being such complex machines that require different ways to be stimulated into growth. So before you just write this article off as another one of those boring ‘tips‘ articles make sure to digest what we are saying and then think about how you can include some of this into your program to help spur some growth!

Muscle Growing Secretssecrets to muscle growth

  • Work Fast and Slow – Repetition speed is a lot more important than many people realize. You can actually reinvent your current program by simply adjusting the speed at which you raise and lower the weights. During the concentric portion of an exercise (when the muscle contracts) try and perform the movement as quickly and explosively as possible. That is not to say cheat and use momentum, but instead power the weight into place. For the negative motion go extra slow taking a two to four count in lowering the weight down. This will help increase fiber incorporation on every single rep.
  • Don’t Worry About Reps – Sometimes people get too caught up in rep counts. If your sets and reps are 3×8 they stop at 8. But honestly you will be stronger some days and weaker others. The range is just that, a range. Push it to failure on your work sets and then note it for next time to raise the weight, but don’t give any less than your all.
  • Mix High and Low – Heavy reps build mass and strength. Of course high reps can as well, just a different type. That is the reason why you need to do both. It doesn’t always have to be in the same session, but you need to include high rep sets as well as low rep sets to develop maximum muscle size and strength. Either add a high-rep exercise into your session or alternate and do complete high-rep sessions every once and a while.
  • Use the Rest-Pause Technique – The rest-pause technique is one of the best intensity techniques you can use to increase the work a muscle does in any given set. Because it causes a lot of strain it should be limited to one or two sets per body part in a session. The idea is to go to failure on your final work set, rest 10 seconds, then crank out more reps. Ideally you want to aim for 2 to 3 rest-pauses tacked on to a set.
  • Mix Things Up – There is no good reason to use the same training routine month after month. Your body needs to be shocked and surprised if you expect to change and grow. Most professional athletes use training cycles to fair intensity, exercises, etc which helps not only keep them fresher mentally but also challenges their body to keep up and adapt.

Are these ‘secrets’ mind-blowing? No. Most all of them have been around for quite a while. But often when you hear and do so many things it is good to review techniques and ideas that have proven effective time and time again for so many people.

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