Are Full Body Workouts Right for You?

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Do you ever really think about your workout split? Sometimes people workout based on reading suggestions for full body workoutsprograms in an article just like this one. Maybe they see a nice 3-day split routine and start on it. But what if it doesn’t really work for you?

There are a variety of reasons you should always consider about the program you are doing such as its effectiveness. But by far the most important thing is does it really do what you want it to do in the time you have? That is the biggest reason why you should consider switching to full body workouts, especially if you lead a busy life.

Benefits of a Full Body Workout

  • Saves Time – 3 or 4-day split workouts can be great, if you have the time. The advantages of doing your whole body in one workout is that you only end up hitting the weight room twice a week versus the 4-5 you typically spend on a split schedule. That is extra time to spend enjoying yourself.
  • Good for Weight Loss – Full body workouts are much more effective for burning calories because typically you need to work muscles a few times a week but at the same time not tax your reserves too hard. Otherwise your body won’t have proper energy to recover.
  • Fits with Sports – For people who play sports or enjoy other activities like running or biking a split schedule can be hard to fit around other events. You almost have to plan both things together. But a whole body workout gives you more time for other activities.
  • Easier to Schedule – This falls right in line with the above item. For people who are really busy being in the gym two days a week for weights is simple because it can be Monday and Thursday, Monday and Friday, Tuesday and Friday, or even Thursday and Sunday. It’s so simple!
  • Done Anywhere – Typically full body workouts can be replicated at home with a barbell and dumbbells or on the road at a hotel gym with a universal station. This allows more flexibility for travel and vacations.
  • Better Focus – Simply put, knowing you will only be at the gym twice a week will give you more focus on those workouts because mentally you will be fresher. This will equal a better, more effective workout.
  • More Rest – A lot of people end up training too much and the body hits a point where you either aren’t gaining muscle or aren’t losing fat (or both). Sometimes backing off on training will give your body the proper rest it needs which equals more gains in the future!


The Bottom Line

Full body workouts are great for the average person. They are more simple and effective. People who have bigger goals for their body due to personal want, sports, or other things would still benefit but not as much. Really it gets down to how much time end energy you have to spend on yourself and your body. If you feel the gym is taking up too much time then switching to a more simple full body workout is probably right for you.

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