The Best Bodybuilding Supplements (A Beginner Supplement Stack)


beginner supplement stackI’m often asked what the best supplement stack is for somebody who is just starting working out. It can be confusing to determine what you actually need to build muscle. There is generally a good supplement stack that can be put together to meet anyone’s goals. Here is what I would suggest for someone just starting out and not familiar with supplements.

Beginner Supplement Stack

Pre-Workout Supplement

I would suggest a pre-workout supplement such as one 1 M.R. C4 Cellucor, Bullnox or Jack3d. I like all three supplements and don’t see much of a difference between them. They all work well. With that said, I had a friend tell me that Jack3d made his face numb, but the others did not.

Creatine Supplements

The second supplement that I wouldn’t lift weights without is Creatine. There are several best protein powdergood brands. The one thing that you need to watch for when looking at creatine is carbohydrates. Some companies load up their creatine with tons of sugar. However, it is believed that those sugars help to increase the effectiveness of the creatine. You need to weigh your goals when selecting a product. Two products that I recommend are:

Con-Cret  by Con-Cret I’ve found this brand to be very effective. Doesn’t have all of the sugar of some of the other top brands.

Cell-Tech by Muscle Tech – I really like this brand and thought that it helped me gain a lot of strength. However, I also thought that the sugar helped me put on pounds. If I was still playing football, it would be a great fit. However, I’d like to lose a couple pounds, so I am not currently using Cell-Tech.

3 XL by Isatori – Third generation creatine technology from Isatori. I haven’t used this one myself, but am hearing good things.

Protein Supplements

There are a lot of different protein supplements on the market. You can get your protein through food, powders, or shakes. If you are trying to build muscle, it is hard for most people to get enough protein in their diet to build muscle. Here are some of the protein products that I recommend:

100% Gold Standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition – Not only is this a great tasting protein, it  has L-glutamine and BCAAs so you don’t need to supplement them separately. This is the best tasting protein on the market.

ProPeptide by CNP Professional– One of the newer supplements on the market this is a great protein choice for the money.

This is an excellent blueprint for a person who is new to supplementation and want’s to maximize their workout gains. Once you’ve identified the best supplement stack for you and a great workout plan, you should be able to pack on the pounds and increase your strength at a rapid pace.



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  1. Tom Reply

    I’ve to agree with your opinion about ON 100% Gold Standard Whey. It’s not the cheapest one but I’ve tried so many cheaper Whey supplements and gave up due to poor taste. New ON 100% Whey is less tasty than the previous version IMO, hopefully Optimum Nutrition will take seriously customer feedback with a next release.

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