Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight


Lose weightUnderstanding metabolism is not complicated if you think of the body as a meat grinder that processes what you feed into it. If the food that you feed your body is too much and is difficult to metabolize, then that food is stored as triglyceride or glycogen. These stored substances add weight to your body. Hence, it is important that you eat foods that are easily metabolized and used. It would also be to your advantage if you know how to facilitate your body’s metabolism so you could burn off those calories.

When your body’s metabolism is smooth and quick, your body would have no reason to store extra calories. It is these extra calories that are stored in your adipose tissues that make you overweight or obese. To help you boost your metabolism and lose weight, here are top 10 applicable ways to do it.

#1 – Be positive

Every plan that has become successful started with a positive attitude. This is crucial to boost your metabolism and succeed in your weight loss endeavor. Stress and pessimism affect metabolism negatively because your anxiety would slow down your body’s metabolism. That is why when you feel nervous you feel “butterflies in your stomach” and your gastrointestinal system goes awry. This system plays a major role in your body’s metabolism by reducing the food that you eat into a form that could be reabsorbed by your intestinal villi.

#2 – Avoid vices

Prohibited drugs and alcoholic drinks are detrimental to your metabolism.  Aside from causing physical dependence, they prevent proper body function too. Alcohol is one cause of malnutrition because it prevents the reabsorption of essential vitamins. When any of these significant substances are lacking in the body, proper metabolism does not occur and those weight-adding lipids and carbohydrates would find their way into your adipose tissues.

#3 – Eat your breakfast

Eating your breakfast would send an early stimulus to your body system that it should be ready to metabolize for the whole day. Acquiring this habit would also ensure that you could burn all the calories you take in during the day because your gastrointestinal system and your liver are ready for any food you eat.

#4 – Choose easily metabolized foods

Lose weightYou should be aware that lipids or fats are more difficult to metabolize than carbohydrates, proteins, veggies and fruits. According to Michael L. Bishop in his book, “Clinical Chemistry: Principles. Procedures, Correlations,” “Because fats are water insoluble, special mechanisms are needed to facilitate their absorption in the small intestines.” This means that the body struggles to metabolize fats.

The best foods to eat when you want to lose weight are fruits and vegetables because they are easily metabolized, are rich in fiber, and are polar substances. Their polar characteristic makes them easily dissolved in water, and easily used or excreted. The problem with most vegetable foods though, is that they taste bland, and could be difficult to prepare. If you want to lose weight, while enjoying a scrumptious, easily prepared meal, you can find more details on this link.

#5 – Hydrate your body properly

Water is essential in your body’s metabolism. Without water, your cells would not be able to perform their physiologic functions, such as digestion and metabolism. Water is also responsible in transporting and excreting harmful waste products through the kidneys. The minimum daily water requirement is 8 glasses a day.

#6 – Take care of your liver

The liver is the major metabolic organ of the body. It is responsible in converting fats to fatty acids so they could be used appropriately. If your body does not use the calories for energy, the fats are converted to triglyceride and stored, adding to your weight. The liver metabolizes also carbohydrates to monosaccharide (glucose), and uses them as a source of energy or stores them as glycogen. If glycogen is continuously stored, you could become overweight or obese, if you do nothing about it. Fruit sugar is good food for your liver, so you may want to increase your fruit intake.

#7 – Exercise regularly

Exercise burn calories, thereby, reducing weight. It also enhances metabolism because it increases blood circulation, enhances respiration and strengthens muscles. You should accompany your weight loss diet with regular exercises to effectively lose weight. Dieting alone may do it, but it would be a tedious process, because losing weight is about burning those extra calories stored in your body.

#8 – Eat frequent small meals

A meat grinder would bog down if you overload it. Likewise, your body could be overloaded too. Even if you eat once a day only, if your meal is so much, the body would not be able to metabolize it properly, and most likely, the food that was not metabolized would be stored in your adipose tissues and liver. So, eat frequently, but in small portions. This way, you are allowing your body to metabolize your food intake sufficiently, before another load is given.

Lose weight#9 – Eat a light dinner

It is during the night that your body rests. You need less energy, so you consume fewer calories. If you understand this, then you would eat less at dinner because you know that calories from the food that you eat would be stored if not utilized for energy. Once stored, they add weight to your body.

#10 – Get enough sleep

The body needs sleep to function properly and stay healthy. When your body is in tip-top shape, you are assured that the body’s metabolism is working efficiently, as well. You need a minimum 8 hours of sleep to stay fit.

These top 10 methods are simple and easy to follow. One vital thing to remember is that you should burn the calories that you take in so they would not be stored to add to your weight. If you have stored fats, then you should eliminate them by using the methods listed above, so you could lose weight.

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