Tips On Fixing Uneven Or Excess Fake Tan


fake tanWhen People suddenly discover that their fake tan is uneven, messed up or they’re looking a little too much like an Umpa Lumpa they usually want to get rid of it instead of fixing it. If that has happened to you then this article might just change your mind by helping you learn how you can practically fix your uneven fake tan situation. Uneven fake tans can come as a result of improper application, poor skin preparation, using low quality fake tan products or not allowing the fake tan to dry enough before you start putting on clothing. By fixing instead of getting rid of the tan you save yourself some money and the stress of doing it all over again.

The first thing you need to do is find out why the tan is uneven. Then you should check your skin and find which part you will need to work on. This is important in order to know how to go about fixing your uneven tan. Then decide on which method you want to use to fix it. If you don’t mind staying in the sun for a while you can top the tan up while the sun is hot. Alternatively, you may decide to make it easier by using spray tan or any tan cream of your choice.

When fixing a bad tan it’s important to note that different parts of your body will require a different approach. If the problem is on your neck and face your will need to make use of liquid make up removal by dipping cotton pad inside it and rubbing your face and neck. Blotches can be removed by applying adding baking soda on your face and using your hands to rub it until it’s evenly distributed. If you’re working on your hands and feet you can get the problem solved by adding body bleach on them until the excess colour is removed or evenly distributed. Body hair bleach and hydrogen peroxide can also do a great job of clearing that uneven and excess colour so that it blends in with the rest of the skin. Test the hydrogen period on a small part of your skin before you apply. If it irritates you then don’t use it and opt for the alternatives.

If you are fixing uneven or orange colored tan on your arms and legs you will need to apply it gently. The best way to fix this part of your body is to make use of baby oil and a washcloth. Just pour some on your skin and wait for about 40 minutes before going taking a bath with the washcloth exfoliating the rest of your body. Ensure that you massage the rest of your body very gently.

Spray tans are also very effective in helping you even every type of tan. Just apply the spray over the affected part and leave to dry for some time before you start wearing clothes so you don’t ruin your hard work. If your entire body is overly tanned and you need to cut down on the orange colour there are two ways to fix the problem. You can either soak yourself in a bath or go swimming in a pool. Both of these methods will give you the same result but your choice will depend on what you can easily access.

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