Five Common Weight Loss Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)


fat vs. muscle when determining weight lossWeight loss is tricky, and with so many different pieces of information floating out there, it’s hard to know exactly what’s right and what’s wrong. However, there are a few mistakes that people make – these can actually hinder your weight loss instead of help it.

If you’re worried about dieting, and don’t exactly know how to go about losing weight, here’s some advice about those common mistakes people make when looking into weight loss options.

Fad diets

Fad diets are often marketing ploys to suck you into investing valuable dollars for minimal results. Avoid diets like Atkins that completely strip away major food groups, as these might show some change to the scales but it can also create secondary problems such as poor energy levels. Essentially, any diet which claims to be 100% effective is usually too good to be true, so don’t sign up to any memberships or payment methods until you read the fine print.

Food supplements

Try not to replace your meals with shakes or low fat smoothies. If you must lose weight quick for health reasons and you really want to try diet shakes, visit the doctor to figure out what ‘filler’ snacks can balance out nutritional and energy losses when skipping your normal meals.

Denying yourself any treats

Denying yourself from ALL treats is dangerous territory, especially near Christmas time. What’s likely to happen is that you break this mental deal and then reason that you will start again tomorrow: next minute you’re binging throughout the day because of failing to fulfil this absolutist mentality! Be reasonable and allow yourself a treat such as one chocolate strip a night with tea, or some small hot chips every second Friday – and you are more likely to deny temptations in the present moment, when there’s a reward in near the future!

Thinking that loss of weight is always best

If you’re hitting the gym everyday in the bid to get toned and fit – you could actually be seeing an increase in the scales! By exercising you are increasing lean muscle density and getting rid of bad body fats. Use your clothes to feel good about yourself, because if you’re fitting into those jeans better, you’re definitely improving your health as weight loss is occurring in the areas that matter.

I’ll have what she’s having

If your super skinny friend orders cheesy fries every time you go out, don’t just assume that food to avoidthis is also the right option for you! Although she might appear thin, this could be partly due to genetics, while her internal organs are still susceptible to disease. Similarly, if your athlete friend orders a huge bowl of pasta – she’s probably running a marathon tomorrow. Don’t forget to appropriately portion your food and not be swayed by what your friends do. If you need help with your diet plans.

Linda Campbell is a writer who has a keen interest in weight loss and healthy eating.

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