Inside the Goblet Squat

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What exactly is this weirdly named exercise and what is it good for? Well how about we tell you! Sometimes exercisesgoblet squat suddenly appear out of nowhere and people start doing them without always understanding where they came from and what the original purpose was. We will get into that for the goblet squat as well as why you should be doing it.

History of the Goblet

Coach Dan John, a well-known strength coach and author, invented the goblet squat as a way to teach his student athletes the proper method to squat. Originally he was a strength coach at the high school level along with coaching track and field. His main purpose for this particular method was to loosen and involve the hips properly when teaching his students how to squat down.

The Goblet Squat

Basically it is like a front squat. You remain much more upright but in the downward motion it forces you to go between the legs and use the hips properly as you go deep. Because you use lighter weight form is more of a focus.

  • Start with a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hands. Use something you can curl with one hand as a starting point.
  • Place your feet at a standard squat stance. Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder-width with toes angled ever-so-slightly out.
  • Hold the dumbbell or kettlebell with both hands against your chest with your elbows tight to your body.
  • Keep your head up and back flat then squat down and back into a nice deep squat with your thighs going parallel to the ground.
  • As your elbows go down they should stay inside your knees and your deep position should have them at or below your knees.
  • Make sure the knees don’t travel over the toes. If they are you aren’t getting your glutes low enough and you are leaning too far forward.
  • From the deep position explode up as you exhale and twist your body to the left. Pivot your foot and face directly left from your starting position. Your right leg should end up straight while your left is slightly bent.
  • Now reverse the motion to go back down and when you come up pivot to the right.

Uses for the Goblet

This is a great warm-up exercise before doing barbell squats or also any leg work. Many women enjoy the exercise as an alternative to standard squats. It can also be done on its own as part of an explosive training routine for athletes. The squat motion itself works the legs while the twist adds variety and mimics many motions used in athletics where you pivot and push off with one leg. This type of training is great for football, baseball, basketball, tennis, track, and even golf.

Because you can vary the weight easily based on the bell you lift sets can be done heavy for low reps or light for high reps. For athletic training working with a full pyramid scale is often recommended in the manner of 20 reps, 12, 8, and 6 before going back down the pyramid with 12 and 20 reps.

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