Get Buff With Hemp Protein


hemp proteinMost of the time when somebody says that they have a tough time gaining weight a lot of people admire them a lot of people think that’s a good thing. If you tend to put on weight easily you would naturally think that somebody looses weight or remains thin is a lucky person. Actually you are only looking at the situation at your own perspective. It’s actually hard on a person that is naturally thin to gain weight and it causes all sorts of issues low self esteem, negative emotions, and feeling of inferiority. There are many people who are naturally skinny and regardless of what they do they stay skinny it can be a very frustrating situation. The good news is there is an Iron law of weight gain which is really the opposite of Iron law of weight lose.
What is this law?
Very basic, you gain weight if the amount of calories you eat in a day exceeds the amount of calories you burn. Naturally, thin people have a high metabolic rate. There metabolic rate doesn’t really slow down throughout the day. It’s very high during the day and lower at night but it’s still at a high rate. The way to gain weight is for high metabolism individuals to eat a lot of food at night because there is a deep in their metabolism at night. So, instead of the extra calories being burned up the extra calories are being stored. Moreover, they should also focus on eating calorie dense foods. These are foods that are packed with calories. All this is well and good but there are also certain ways you can do this one. First of all, you can eat a lot of fat, sure, fat has a lot of calories but it is also very bad for you because it can impact your heart, it can help you develop diabetes and it’s bad news all around. You can try sugar and sure, sugar has a lot of calories and your body stores sugar in the form of fat but again fat is bad for you. The only real answer really in terms of high calorie food intake choices is protein. If you eat a lot of protein, the right kind of protein you develop lean muscle mass and you gain weight this is the right kind of weight gain. However, there are different sources of protein and not all of them are good. You can try heavy meat diet but again we go back to the fat problem. Meat does have a lot of protein but it also come with a lot fat in an ounce for ounce basis. Soy based protein is a great source of protein without the fat problem but it also has its own set of problems. In particular, there are studies that indicate that too much soy can result of hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance has been linked to all sorts of problems ranging from breast cancer to different kinds of male cancer so it’s really bad news. However, the good news is these studies about soy proteins are still in preliminary stages but you should use only soy protein moderately.
Are there any alternatives?
One great alternative is to use hemp protein. Hemp protein is made from the hemp plant l-glutamine benefitsone of the most useful plants in the history of mankind. The hemp plant has been used to create paper, to make oil, and to make industrial lubricants. The hemp plant is very useful because it grows so fast and requires minimal inputs like fertilizers and you can grow a hemp plant in a small amount of space. So, why aren’t hemp products abundant and pervasive nowadays? Well, hemp plant is unlucky because it is related to the marijuana plant but unlike marijuana the hemp plant doesn’t have high levels of mind altering substances. Still, it’s guilty by association with its distant relative marijuana and got banned in the United States or it’s cultivation is severely restricted. Be that as it may, hemp protein is available in the market and it is a great alternative source of protein so you can build lean muscle mass and gain weight the healthy way.

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