Super Supplements to Gain Mass

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Ever wonder what kind of supplements you would find in Superman’s kitchen? Well, that is probably not the best example as he really doesn’t need to workout, but how about Batman? Even as a fictional character you would expect the Dark Knight to utilize some super supplements to make sure that he was always in top shape with the strength and muscle mass one needs to fight super villains.

While you may not be putting on spandex and a cape anytime soon (or maybe you will), anyone who is serious about bodybuilding or shaping their body is usually interested in knowing which items would be considered super supplements for gaining mass.super supplements to gain mass

Top 5 Mass Builders

Gaining mass is a very specific goal. As such we will focus on supplements that are absolutely specific to that task. While multi-vitamins and things like Omega-3’s are certainly great products for overall health and longevity, they are a bit further down on the list when it comes to the top supplements you can use to build mass.

  1. Protein – Yes it is a part of your regular diet in the forms of eggs, chicken, milk, fish, and red meat. But it is by far the most important part of mass building. Protein is at the top of the chart of super supplements because if you don’t take in enough each day you will never maximize your gains. Luckily along with meat and dairy options you can use whey, cassein, and soy protein powders in addition to a balanced diet.
  2. Creatine – This substance allows you to basically workout harder. The key to building mass is to stress the body so it adapts and grows stronger and bigger. To do that you need to workout very hard. Then you need to have the right fuel available for recovery and growth. Creatine occurs naturally in the body and helps with energy transfer among other things. Having more in your system ensures maximum energy available to go harder and more intensely in the gym during the workout because they body can’t replenish it as fast as you use it if you workout hard multiple times each week.
  3. NO2 Products – Most NO2 products contain a bevy of great things to get your body geared up for a great workout. Often they have important branch-chained amino acids and other nutrients your body needs in excess right before a workout. Plus with nitric oxide it helps your muscle get a wicked pump. Flushing the area with blood helps with muscle gains in strength and size because you can develop new muscle growth by establishing a high level of anabolic condition in the muscle.
  4. Glutamine – This is one of the little known super supplements, but it shouldn’t be. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the muscle. That bit of information alone should make it easy to understand why you would always want to add more in to ensure you always have enough if it is used that much. When you train really hard glutamine levels get burned down and unfortunately the body takes many days to replenish them naturally, much like Creatine.
  5. Weight Gainers – If you are truly trying to add size and get huge then that means eating a lot of food for a high calorie count. One way to achieve this count is by incorporating a weight gaining shake. It can be physically hard to consumer 4000 or 5000 calories of good nutrition in a day. Manufactured nutrition offers a great option to help reach the top of the mountain.

There you have it, the top 5 super supplements for gaining mass. These are staples in most bodybuilders and professional athletes training programs these days. When the goal is to maximize your workout results then the best bet is to incorporate proper supplementation so the body has everything it needs to recovery and grow.

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