The Benefits of Weight Lifting for Fitness

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Weight lifting is more than just guys pumping iron in the gym trying to become bodybuilders. While it may appear that way some times, there are quite a few benefits all people can obtain from weight lifting that will positively affect their overall level of fitness regardless of whether they want to be the next Mr. Olympia of just physically fit.

Really, strength training is a specific form of exercise that can benefit people of all walks of life from young to old. So what are you missing out on by not lifting weights?

The Top 5 Benefits of Weight Liftingbenefits of weight lifting for fitness

  • Bone Health – After reaching adulthood people loose, on average, one percent of their bone strength each year. That same figure also applies to muscle strength. To prevent that trend or even reverse it you should employ weight lifting. Strength training workouts stress the muscles and bones and force the body to adapt by growing stronger.
  • Agility – This can also be considered basic body mechanics depending on how much effort you invest. Strength training can help with balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility. These are all things that we naturally develop in our youth through being active but as you assume a more sedentary lifestyle they tend to go the opposite direction.
  • Appearance – This would be a natural inclusion in this list, but it still should be noted that weight lifting has a lot of benefits to the overall appearance of your body. Strengthening and toning your muscles can change the way your body looks including your overall shape.
  • Weight Loss – Muscle burns more calories than fat. So a body that has more lean muscle mass naturally burns more calories during daily activities. On top of that, your metabolism gets boosted up to 15 percent for a period after a workout as the body works to repair itself.
  • Mood – Weight lifting naturally releases your level of endorphins which in turn makes you feel great. Along with feeling good after a workout, strength training has been shown to reduce depression and help with sleep. When you sleep better you generally feel better.

These are just the five top reasons why strength training should be a part of anyone’s life. You can also add in prevention of things like heart disease, reducing arthritis pain, and improvement of glucose control which is important for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line is that weight lifting or strength training should be included as part of a regular fitness routine because it will help keep you healthy and happy. You don’t always need to join a gym either as many people workout at home or even utilize bodyweight exercises to train. For people who want to look better, feel better, and live longer, look no further than a good fitness program that includes some form of strength training.

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