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The Final Push

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For whatever reason it always seems like those last 10 pounds are impossible to lose; why is that?

This is a very common complaint for women who are trying to reach a specific goal. At first you are excited to be so close to that goal. But then after a few weeks of nothing happen the frustration builds up. Why is it so hard to get there?

Losing those Last Few Poundsthe final push

Let’s look at a few basic things first to see where the problem could lie:

  • Is the goal even feasible? Sometimes people have a problem getting to a specific weight goal because their body is not going to be comfortable at that weight. Instead of just looking at the scale, take a good look in the mirror from all angles and decide if you are happy with how you look. If you then feel like there is more weight to lose then full steam ahead!
  • How is the diet? Have you done anything different such as easing up as you have gotten closer to the goal? A lot of people will take it easy the closer they get to a goal. In theory if you were losing weight with a specific diet then you should keep losing weight as long as everything is the same.
  • Has anything else changed? Sometimes less sleep, more stress, or other factors can stop progress. The issue could even be hormonal (a problem some women face).

Ways to kick things up a notch:

  • You actually don’t want to cut back on calories. If your diet has not changed and you are having a problem losing anymore weight, cutting back more is generally a mistake.
  • Drink more water. Sometimes hydration can slow things down, or more correctly, lack of proper hydration. Add more water to your daily routine to keep your body flushed and not retaining extra water weight.
  • Exercise a little harder. You shouldn’t go crazy, but now is the time to add an extra day or two of cardio if you can fit it into your schedule. Instead of using the diet to drop the last few pounds, instead go for burning the fat via hard work and sweat.
  • Check your supplements. Make sure you are getting the proper mix of vitamins and other supplements. You want your body running smoothly and with proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals you will be.

No Post Goal Letdown

One of the biggest keys about reaching your goal is then maintaining it. If you are stuck at a current weight then that might be an indicator of the general amount of work you need to maintain. More than likely after maintaining a weight for a few months your body will adjust and you can actually get away with less work.

But when you first reach your goal it is critical that you don’t overindulge in food or cut back too much on exercise. Otherwise you will find yourself in this exact same situation again in a few weeks.

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