The Ultimate Body Workout

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Sometimes you don’t have the option to use a gym. Maybe you travel a lot or perhaps the cost of a gym is just tooultimate body workout high. Or, possibly you only have a little time some nights and just want to get in a quick workout at home.

For that we have the Ultimate Body Workout.

This quick workout is done using just your bodyweight as resistance. Not only does this provide a bit of diversity, but it also builds useful strength and helps to improve flexibility. Ideally it would be great to have a chin-up bar and an inflatable stability ball. Both those things might cost you about $30 and are ideal home gym pieces. But even if you don’t, you can use a chair in some cases for a similar workout.


Ultimate Body Workout

    • Sit-ups – With your feet flat on the ground and knees bent at a 90 degree angle, start with your arms folded flat across your chest. Squeeze your abs to pull your body upright, hold for a 2 count and then slowly lower back to the floor.
    • Russian Twists – Sit on the floor with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Extend your arms straight out from your body (parallel to your thighs) and clasp your hands together. With your abs tight and back flat slowly twist as far as you can to the left. Return to center and then twist to the right before returning to center for 1 total rep.

    • Side Plank – Lie on your side with your forearm flat on the ground under your shoulder. Use your abs to straighten your body and lift your hip off the ground, creating a straight line from your head to your feet.
    • Hanging Leg Raise – Hang from your chin-up bar. Bend your knees slightly and lift your feet and knees upward until they are at least parallel to your ribs.


  • Push-ups – Start with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep your back straight and pause for a single count at the bottom before exploding upward to lock your arms out.
  • Dips – Use two chairs to create a dip station. Place your hands on the edge of one chairs’ seat with your feet on another chair about 3 feet away. Keep your elbows back as you lower your body down between the chairs as far as you can go before rising back up.
  • T-Pushups – Start in a normal pushup position but with feet slightly wider apart. Go down and back up but at the top o the motion lift your right hand off the ground and extend it overhead, balancing on your left arm and sides of your feet. Lower your arm and repeat on the left side.
  • Pull-ups – Using a grip slightly wider than your shoulders, pull yourself up as high as you can. Pause at the top and then slowly lower yourself down. Keep your legs crossed at the ankles with your knees slightly bent.
  • Chin-ups – This is just like a pull-up but you grip the bar close together and underhanded to work more of the biceps.
  • Lunge – Start with your hands on your hips and feet hip-width apart. Take a large step backwards with one foot. Plant your toe and then lower that knee until it touches he ground. Then use your leg muscles to push back up and return to the starting position. Repeat with the other foot. That is one rep.
  • Single Leg Deadlift – Stand on one leg and bend the other knee at a 90 degree angle. Drop your hips back and down while bending the single leg holding your weight. Try to go low until the shin of your bent leg touches the ground before returning to a standing position. Repeat with the other leg to complete the rep.
  • Stability Ball Leg Curl – Lie on your back with a stability ball under your ankles. Lift your hips to create a flat line from our heels to your shoulders then pull the ball towards your glutes by bending your knees and pulling it in. Pause at the peak as your knee bends to about 90 degrees and then straighten out.

Sets and Reps

Ideally you can do this is one giant circuit and do as many reps as possible. Then you can repeat the circuit as much as you want. Of course you can also do 2-3 sets of each exercise for 12-20 reps each as well as anything in-between!

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