24 Hour Fitness UTC Super Sport Club Review


24 Hour Fitness UTCI’ve been meaning to review the new club at the UTC for a long time. Now it’s 7 months old so I’ve had enough time to regularly use it to give an honest review. Ultimately, I really like the club and recommend it to anyone who asks. With my corporate account it was a $15 upcharge and was well worth it for that price. However, it took some work to actually get signed up at that price.

The Upside of 24 Hour Fitness UTC

I have to say that it is the nicest gym that I’ve ever been to. They’ve got all new equipment, the outside athletic training area, basketball gym, pool, dedicated spinning area, and much more. If you want to work out in an upscale gym with new equipment, this is the gym for you. It’s nice and  roomy. You aren’t tripping over people trying to workout.

They appear to do a pretty good job of maintaining the place. Just this last week was the first time that I saw a broken piece of equipment (an elliptical machine). The restrooms are always nice and clean, though sometimes the towel bins are overflowing.

The Downside of 24 Hour Fitness UTC

On the downside, they do seem to have under emphasized the free weights area. While not small, and proportionally much larger than what they had at the previous gym, it sometimes gets crowded when the rest of the gym is not full.

The locker room was poorly designed. They’ve got the top and bottom type lockers, which is fine, but there are way too many gaps in between the benches. It always seems like I have to jockey for possession when getting dressed with the guy next to me. Not Fun.

The parking situation is horrid. The only time that parking isn’t a pain is at 6:00 in the morning to around 10:30. The whole rest of the day is a real pain. I’ve tried to go to the gym several times at lunch where I spent so much time looking for a spot that I just turned around and went back to work. I’ve also parked all of the way over by the corner bakery. They really need a parking garage on that side of the mall to make it more convenient. I know that parking isn’t all 24 Hour Fitness’s fault, but it would be nice if they could pressure Westfield Mall in to cleaning it up.

Finally, I was disappointed that they got rid of their military press rack. That was one of the 24 Hour Fitness UTCmajor benefits to the old gym. Very few of the 24 Hour Fitness Clubs have a military rack and I was sad to see it go away. I’d love to see them bring it back. There is surely room for it on the free weight side.

While I do have a few gripes, The 24 Hour Fitness UTC is the nicest gym I’ve ever been to. I recommend it to everyone who asks. I haven’t taken any classes at this point, so I can’t speak to their staff too much, but they do seem to be well attended even when I get there at 6:00 in the morning. That definitely says something. I hope you enjoy your experience there as much as I do.

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  1. Sam Reply

    It’s awesome that they have classes as well. There are too many 24 hour gyms that don’t even offer classes.

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