Training Secrets

Observations Made in the Gym

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After working out in a variety of gyms and settings over so many years I have noticed a few things. Some of these things are annoying, others are funny, but all of them were notable enough to make me want to share them with other people.

Let’s just call these interesting observations about the gym life.

Fashion at the Gym

Personally when I hit the gym I am dressed to workout. I usually wear a regular t-shirt observations made in the gymor athletic training shirt with some shorts, running socks, and either running shoes or cross-trainers. Really nothing out of the normal because to me going to the gym isn’t a place to make a fashion statement; you are there to work.

Yet a bunch of people seem to take either no time picking out clothes or way too much. Here are a few observations about things you shouldn’t do:

  • Wear dress socks or dress shoes to workout in. That is just weird.
  • Wearing jeans and a regular shirt to workout in. This is lazy and doesn’t seem very comfortable.
  • The ‘look at me’ outfits. I will say this about men and women who wear clothes obviously trying to show off their bodies, just stop. Sure you look good (or think you do) but that lack of clothing means you are sweating more on the machines. Save it for the beach.
  • Overly tight clothing. This is never a good look and proper circulation is important!

Egos at the Gym

Check your ego at the door. Nobody cares how much you lift except you if your ego is small. All that matters is what your body looks like. If former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler comes in and cranks out sets benching only 195 do you think anyone is going to think less of him? So learn to focus on proper form and technique to go with hard work and let your body do the talking for you.

Working In

Don’t hog a machine between sets; stand up and stretch which gives people the chance to work-in. Just be clear on how many sets you have left. If someone is on a machine you want simply ask them how many sets they have left. It is common courtesy and much simpler than hovering around the area like a vulture. Plus you can easily say, “Okay, I’ll do a few sets of curls first,” so they know to get their butt in gear.

Getting Vocal

It is bound to happen at some point, unless you are part of a gym chain that bans grunting and screaming (yes, some do). There is always one guy who has to crank up his intensity by using his lungs to show everyone how hard he is working. Really there is no benefit other than ensuring you are exhaling during the push phase of an exercise.

The best advice is to assume that noise is the exact same one they make in bed (if you know what I mean). This little mind trick will make you laugh rather than cringe every time you hear him bellow.


In a public setting people will often let their manners go…to a point. Make sure that you don’t. Set the example for everyone else. Be polite. Smile. Clean off your machines and unload weights when you are done. Generally speaking people will copy behavior of others so set a good tone around the gym with a positive attitude and mindset.

Sharing is caring!