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Vitamin D – The Secret Weight Loss Weapon

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Is Vitamin D the newest fad way to get slim or is it the real deal? There is a new Vitamin-D diet book on the market and the author popped onto Dr. Oz’s show to help sell copies. While Dr. Oz is a doctor, did he actually do any research into the vitamin? Probably not; but we did.vitamin d the secret weight loss weapon

The Claims

What the author of the book, Dr. Keri Peterson, is stating is that it has been found that Vitamin D causes fat cells to become more active from a metabolic standpoint which in turn helps burn more calories. While it doesn’t specifically target only stomach fat, it does seem to help in certain fatty deposit areas like the stomach.

The diet book was written based on this concept and is about finding ways to incorporate more of this vitamin into the daily diet plan. Plus she touts this as an appetite suppressant.

The Study

There have been lots of studies on Vitamin D and it is a very well researched vitamin, but not in regards to fat loss. The study that most of this new information is being drawn off had a very small trial group of only 171 people. While can still provide some evidence towards what the vitamin can do, that is a very small group of people for a focus group to draw such a big conclusion.

What can Vitamin D Do?

We aren’t sure. It has been linked from larger studies to boost immune function and act as an anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to help in bone health and protect against some forms of cancer. It is also well documented that most people are deficient in it.

Should You Take More?

Yes, but only to a point. Since most people are deficient it makes sense to at least take supplements to ensure you meet the daily requirement or even slightly more. With all of the benefits of Vitamin D it would be logical to get what you need plus a little extra. If it does act as a good fat burner you will be able to tell after increasing the amount you intake.

The good Dr. Peterson states you lose the most amount of weight in the first week so if it will work for you it should be readily apparent. After that you can lose up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks per her statement. That is a pretty decent amount of weight which makes it seem like a good thing to try.

Even if it doesn’t work as advertised you will still get the other health benefits of having enough of this required nutrient for our body’s well-being.

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