What are the Best Post-Workout Supplements?

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It takes a lot of work to get your body the way you want it. Maybe you aren’t a professional athlete but you might want to look like one. To that end proper diet and supplements are a huge key. After you workout is truly when your body grows stronger and bigger. It is this recovery phase that we are going to touch on now.

Along with consuming a post-workout meal, like a good protein shake, there are certain supplements that your body can quickly utilize to help your recovery and increase the benefits of your workout. You spent all that time and energy in the gym; why not get the maximum benefit from it?

Top Post-Workout Supplements

Any and all of these are great additions to your post-workout meal. It is recommended you ingest them within 45 minutes of your workout to attain the best results and quickest post workout supplements

  • Whey Protein – Number one with a bullet is whey protein. It is the best source of protein and is easily absorbed into your system when mixed with milk for a steady release of vital building blocks for your muscle recovery and growth.
  • BCAA – Branch-chained amino acids are used by the body for a bunch of processes including muscle growth and recovery on the cellular level. What your body doesn’t have enough of it will pillage from proteins in the body which is actually detrimental to optimum growth and recovery. Offset that by adding more BCAAs to your system right after a workout.
  • L-Glutamine – This is another amino acid that is helpful in creating lean muscle mass. Primarily it helps with protein synthesis which is really useful as the body tries to repair muscle damage from a workout.
  • Dextrose – This specific carbohydrate helps to replenish glycogen stores in the body. All that energy your burned during the workout needs to be replaced and quickly so the body can recover as fast as possible.
  • Anti-Oxidants – A nice mix of Vitamins C and E plus zinc will help reduce the muscle stress and recover more quickly. There are a lot of other options but the key is to have some in your system to stop free radicals from damaging tissue which then helps the recovery process.

Most of these supplements can either be taken as a capsule or mixed into a shake. That allows you to get home from the gym and mix up a potent recovery drink. Liquids absorb quickly and more easily into the bloodstream. This helps get you on the road to recovery and growth more quickly than anything else.

At that point don’t worry about eating a bunch of food. Instead just get that solid shake meal into your system and then worry about showering and such. Then about an hour or an hour and a half after that shake consume a bigger, more balanced meal when your body will need its next group of nutrients for recovery and growth.

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