Abs Workout for Women

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Why do women workout? The primary answer is some level of weight loss with the waistWomen's Abs and hips being the two main areas of concern. That means that a great abs workout for women that works the core should be a top priority to have in your repertoire.

So what goes into a great routine? First you need a few basic rules. Next there are the exercises that are tailored towards a woman’s needs. Finally you have the sets and reps that are most effective in creating the results you want.

Are you ready to reshape your midsection?

The Ultimate Abs Workout for Women

This routine isn’t endless sets or tons of exercises. It is a focused attack that maximizes each exercise you do to target your abdominals and core. As a note, this routine is designed to shape and tone the muscles. To truly develop a great midsection a combination of a good diet and fat burning cardio program needs to be incorporated to remove excess fat from the body to them showcase your fit and trim midsection.

This routine should be done as a circuit (all exercises done once in a row then repeat 2-3 times). Reps should be slow and controlled to keep tension on the target muscles. Contractions should be held for a count as you exhale.

  • Triple Action Cable Crunches – 3 sets of 30 reps – Attached a rope handle to a high pulley and kneel down in front of it. Grab the handles and press your forearms against your ears with your chin tucked. Hold this position with your head and arms. Using your abs, pull your upper body down toward the floor, exhaling as you go for a maximum contraction. Then slowly rise back up. For the next time down, twist at the waist slightly to aim your right elbow towards your left thigh. The next rep should switch to the left elbow towards the right thigh.
  • Hanging Leg Raises – 3 sets of 25 reps – Hang from either straps, supports, or an abdominal chair. With knees slightly bent use the lower abdominals to roll the hips and legs up, bringing the knees toward the chest as you exhale. At the top resist dropping the legs the entire way back down.
  • Bicycle Crunches – 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps – Lie flat on your back with hands touching the sides of the head. Bend your right knee to a 90 degree angle with your right foot of the ground. Raise the left leg to a 45 degree angle pointing straight out so your legs look like you are riding and air bike. Crunch up and twist your left elbow towards the right knee, squeezing the abs as hard as you can. As your shoulders go back down start to cycle your legs. Then crunch and twist so your right elbow goes towards your left knee.
  • Prone Plank – 3 sets of 30 to 60 seconds – Assume a push-up position with feet close together and hands shoulder width apart. Keep the abs and core tight along with the back flat. Keep your head looking down at the ground. Now hold this rigid position for 30 to 60 seconds.

There you have it; a complete abs workout for women that works the core, top, bottom, sides, and middle of the abs for a very well rounded yet simple routine.

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