A Bevy of Beverage Options

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One of the more difficult aspects of a proper nutrition plan is eliminating certain things from your regular routine that you enjoy. For a lot of us, drinks top the list. We all have our particular vices such as coffee, soda, beer, or wine. But, for the most part these are things that should be completely eliminated or at least reduced in amount consumed if you want to get the maximum benefit from a fitness and diet program.

But drinking just water gets old really fast. So how about we provide you with a list of some nice alternatives?

Great Beverage Alternativesbeverage options

  • Green Tea – For those coffee drinkers, Green Tea is probably the best alternative. To start with, it still has your dose of caffeine to help get the day kick-started. But Green Tea also helps increase your metabolism, assists with regulating glucose levels, reduces bad cholesterol, helps fight off depression, and does a bunch of other stuff. Really this is a great alternative to coffee or soda for those who need a caffeine jolt.
  • Flavored Water – This is really simple and adds a nice dose of flavor to otherwise bland water. Simply slice up some fruit and drop it in a pitcher of water and let it sit for a bit before pouring and serving. The slight flavor addition is surprisingly nice and a more natural option than bought flavored waters.
  • Ice Tea – Not the high sugar variety, but the classic summertime tea that sits outside and lets nature prime it for you with slices of lemon for added flavor.
  • Juice with Seltzer – Another simple idea is to mix seltzer water with your favorite fruit juice. Cranberry, crangrape, grape, and other dark juices are a great source of vitamins. When you add seltzer it provides some bubbles and mock carbonation without losing any of the healthy benefits.
  • Red Wine – If you enjoy drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage then go with red wine. You want wine without things like sulfites added to them but other than that a glass a day can provide a few health benefits and not much in regards to negatives.
  • Virgin Tonic – On the same page for people who enjoy a cocktail hour, try a diet tonic mixed with some ice and a few slices of lemon or lime. Skip the actual alcohol but enjoy the same style and similar taste with this alternative.
  • Soy Milk – Surprisingly sweet and very beneficial to the body with added calcium and vitamin D, soy is another great beverage choice. Vanilla and chocolate are both popular flavors, or you can opt for an unsweetened version.
  • Black Coffee – The bad aspect of coffee is all the added sugar people pour in plus the creamer. If you like your java plain then you can still indulge. It has very few calories. The only thing to watch out for is the diuretic nature of the drink (it dehydrates you a little) and that too much caffeine isn’t a good thing.

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