Is there a difference between energy supplements and weight loss supplements?

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Some people make a basic assumption that energy supplements and weight loss supplements are the same thing. Well, you know what they say about making assumptions. It does make sense that there is a comparison as there are some overlapping qualities of both types of supplements, but they are most certainly not the same.

Let’s look at each so you can clearly see where the differences lie.

Energy Supplementsdifference between energy supplements and weight loss supplements

There are a few different types of energy supplements. Now to be clear, we are not talking about things like Monster or Red Bull. Those aren’t exactly “supplements” for promoting a healthy energy increase. Instead they are the type of product that doesn’t need approval from the FDA and get loaded up with caffeine, sugar, and sometimes a few natural energy producing compounds. For the most part these are “dash and crash” vehicles that launch you up and then send you crashing down.

The type of supplements for producing energy we are looking at are those that you might use before a workout to give your body what it needs to really put in the work you want. Many of these products have a combination of ingredients like BCAA’s, essential amino acids, green tea extract, green coffee extract, vitamins, minerals, and nitrates. For the most part they have no sugar and very few calories associated with them.

The goal of these types of energy supplements is to naturally load up your body with the nutrients it needs for a workout along with increasing the blood flow. Yes, there is some caffeine, but not an overpowering amount. Caffeine is useful to help with blood flow as well as a slight energy boost, and additional mental awareness. Because of the small amount used there is less of an after-affect.

Weight Loss Supplements

On the flip side of the coin we have supplements that are geared towards weight loss. There is usually some combination of appetite suppressants, vitamins, metabolism boosters, and energy. Usually caffeine or green tea extract can be found here as well.

The primary purpose of a weight loss supplement is to not only suppress your appetite, but also to prime your body to naturally burn as much fat as possible. That means you will find odd blends of chemicals including things like yohimbe bark, purpurea, and other things. Some supplements are made up entirely of caffeine and green tea extract, because the combination has been proven to increase metabolism to help burn more calories. Others mix in more essential vitamins and minerals that help the body with the process of fat burning or areas where women might be deficient, as many products are geared towards women.

Easy to See

In a straight comparison, there are some similarities between energy supplements and weight loss supplements, but at the same time there are a lot of differences. The pre-workout supplements have no need for appetite suppressants and usually want to include more things your body will need in a workout like BCAA’s. On the flip side they won’t have as much energy producers and things to elevate the metabolism because that is expected to happen as a by-product of working out.

Those energy drinks are in a third category all together which should be labeled junk. Most of them have a huge amount of caffeine along with sugar and empty calories. They lack vitamins, minerals, or other useful compounds that both real energy supplements and weight loss supplements use; that is the difference between them.

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