What is Gold Standard Whey?

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Gold Standard whey is the world’s best selling whey protein product. It is rather impressive that the company which gold-standard-wheyproduces the product, Optimum Nutrition, picked the perfect name. They have truly set the standard for a high quality product with their offering.

Often a company will put out a product with the intention and hope of being a top selling and might name it accordingly, but it seems rare when there is actual truth in advertising.

So what makes Gold Standard whey so darn good? Let’s look past the incredible number of units sold, even though it was the top selling supplement product in 2012, and focus on what Optimum Nutrition brings to the table with this particular product.

It’s All About Ingredients

In Gold Standard whey they utilize a mix of whey protein. The primary version is whey isolate for a higher quality mix. However they also use whey concentrate and hydrolized isolates. In most cases a nice blend is useful to ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable nutrients that shouldn’t always be refined out of the protein. Hydrolized means it has been partially digested which makes it absorb very quickly, perfect for first thing in the morning or post-workout.

There is a small amount of calcium along with 5 grams of branch chained amino acids, 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid. This combination gives a lot of very necessary nutrients for muscle maintenance, repair, and growth. It is one of the reasons the product is so popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

The Intangibles

However, even using a very good mix of protein and other nutrients, Gold Standard whey doesn’t break the bank. Their price point has been very reasonable compared to other brands, which makes them highly attractive. If you aren’t sure about price point simply take the price of the container and divide by the number of servings. Some powders require 2 scoops versus 1 which can be confusing if you just compare the size of the container.

Another important note is the combination of calories and fat in the product. A full serving gives 24 grams of protein, 120 calories, 1 gram of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates. That means it is almost pure protein. The simplicity in that mix makes it easier to plan meal when monitoring calories and fat intake. Last but not least it comes in a whopping 18 different flavors.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of protein powders on the market, but there is only one gold standard when it comes to whey, which is aptly named Gold Standard Whey. For a great price you get quality ingredients, plenty of flavor options, and hardly any excess calories or fat. With a tremendous number of sales and positive feedback, for both the product and the brand, this is one whey shake that won’t let you down. So when someone asks, “What is Gold Standard Whey,” now you can confidently answer, “Simply the best whey protein powder on the market.”

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