What is the Paleo Diet?

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There has been a recent surge in interest about the Paleo Diet in the past year. It has been brought up in numerous magazines and books as many diet fads often are. It is almost as if out of nowhere there are all of these people, famous and otherwise, endorsing this little known idea like it is a lost piece of a puzzle that you can easily use to transform your body.

Maybe it is, or maybe it is just like a lot of the other diets out there. Let’s take an in-depth look in the Paleo Diet and then you can be the judge of whether or not it is a good way to go.

Paleo Diet Basics

The Paleo Diet gets it roots from our ancient ancestors from the Paleolithic era. The idea is that since genetically we have not changed very much from people at that time, the diet plan they followed should work just as well for us now. What has been the major change in why and how we eat what we eat compared to back then? Well about 10,000 years ago we had an agricultural revolution and since then with the advent of farming we slowly changed what we consumed.

Back then a standard diet was based on sensible consumption based on what was available to eat. Meats, seafood, nuts, and vegetables were the primary source of foods. Grains were didn’t exist and neither did sugars.

So why does this diet work? The lack of processed foods helps keep your blood sugar levels lower and changes the insulin response in the body. This then reduces the fatty deposits made, compared to diets with more processed foods, and also increases the use of visceral fats while doing cardio. In addition, eat lean meats, nuts, and vegetables makes it less likely to over-consume in a way to add a lot of excess fat to your body.

What can you eat?

The foods allowed in this diet plan are:what is paleo diet

  • Fish & Seafood
  • Lean Meats
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Spices

Basically everything else is off limits. That means no oils, beans, grains, processed foods, or refined sugars.

How does the Paleo Diet compare?

While this diet style tries to seem more unique by linking its name to our ancestral forefathers, the diet plan itself is actually very common. Lots of lean proteins combined with fresh fruits and vegetables while removing wasteful sugary intake in food and drinks. Really this diet idea is not overly ground breaking.

Does it work? Yes, of course it will. By not depending on fats, sugars, and complex carbs you will more easily regulate the blood sugar level which is paramount to weight loss. You should gain all the necessary nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that you need to pursue a lean body. However ideally you are missing out by taking beans and oats from the diet plan along with dairy. But this also a difficult diet plan to follow because of the lack of dairy, beats, oats, and oils when cooking.

The Paleo Diet is a very reasonable plan and should work nicely. It is a bit strict compared to other plans and that level of attention may or may not make it more effective due to considerations of binging or rebelling against the diet. If you are up for it, eating the Paleo way should help you take off excess weight if you have it but only if your diet isn’t similar to what they promote already.

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