The Six-Pack Dilemma

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Six-pack abs…if you don’t have them more than likely you want them. Let’s be realistic, if people Woman working absdidn’t have such a hard time attaining this goal then there would not be so many articles like this one online or in magazines. Why is that?

The simple answer is because too many people focus on the wrong things when trying to transform their midsection. Maybe they only do one of the three things they need to, or perhaps even two and expect instant gratification. The truth is that it takes a bit of work and certainly proper focus if you want to earn the vaunted six-pack.

Are you ready for the blueprint?

The 3 Keys to Six-Pack Abs

Almost everyone needs all three of these to see the type of results you find in magazine.

  • Resistance Exercise – Almost everyone does this part of the equation. You need to work the abdominal muscles to develop them properly. Of course the concept that thousands of crunches will result in a flawless midsection doesn’t quite work. First you need to focus on exercises that bring the pelvis and ribcage together. That means various crunches and leg-raises to activate the long abdominal muscles. You also need to work the muscles to the side and surrounding supporting muscles of the core. That means a well-balanced routine that attacks the entire area. Not only is this important for appearance, it is also valuable for structural support.
  • Diet – The only way to display a great set of six-pack abs is by reducing bodyfat. As people naturally store fat in the mid-section, your level of bodyfat needs to be under 10% if you truly want to show off the entire abdominal wall. That means following a healthy diet that help burn fat and certainly doesn’t promote fat storage.
  • Cardio – This goes hand in hand with diet. There are those lucky people with low bodyfat who don’t need to burn more off to display their muscles. For the rest of us there usually are a few solid pounds of fat between the waist we have and the waist we want. Once the diet is adjusted to not add more fat to the body then you are primed to burn off what you have to reveal a great set of six-pack abdominals.

Programs and Problems

So with such a simple guideline of only 3 key steps, why do more people not have great looking abs? Usually the answer lies somewhere between time and desire. It takes a certain amount of effort and energy to adjust diet, strip fat, and build well-rounded muscle. Usually that is time most people don’t have a lot of. As for desire, that is something that can change easily as well once the initial motivation and excitement disappears.

So what is the best way to go about it?

Consistency and small adjustments are the keys. First you need to understand that you won’t have a great set of abs in the next few weeks; it is a process that takes some time. Next you need to understand that consistency is the absolute key to achieving the body you want. Your body is not prone to sudden shifts, but instead handles consistent changes more easily. That actually goes for your own psyche as well; it is hard to overhaul and eating program to something completely foreign and maintain it. It is hard to suddenly start working out 6 days a week when you are normally used to only a few. Instead of the big jump, make small changes and work hard to maintain those changes.

For an exercise program start with something diverse and aim to work the abdominals twice a week. Rotate exercises around to keep it fresh and to ensure you are hitting the muscles from all angles. For diet, make small changes first. Then get used to those changes before making more. For cardio start with two sessions of 30 minutes aiming for some high-intensity calorie burning. Then again, add more after you are used to it and really want to.

If you follow a consistent plan then you will start to see results. That in turn will keep your motivation up to keep going and your desire high. With small adjustment there isn’t such a big initial time commitment. That means you stay on track to your goal of getting some six-pack abdominals.

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