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Diet and Exercise Mistakes Women Should Avoid

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Everyone makes mistakes. That is part of life. Of course all of us who have made mistakes would love to have just diet and exercise mistakes women should avoidknown about them up front and avoided them. It saves us a lot of time and energy which are usually two things we have in short supply.

With that in mind, this article is geared towards mistakes that women often run into in the realm of diet and exercise. In some cases it is because of ‘knowledge’ provide by non-experts. In other cases it is simply a case of improper logic. No matter what the reason, this article provides a valuable bit of information to help you avoid pitfalls and accelerate you on the path of reaching your fitness goals.

Top 10 Diet and Exercise Mistakes

  1. Skipping Meals – The idea is that if you eat less then you will lose weight. It sounds good until you understand how the body works. First you need regular food for energy and to keep blood sugar levels stabile. A lack of energy affects your life including workouts. Low blood sugar can lead to bad moods and food cravings which often results in bad food choices. The better option is to just structure a good, healthy diet which will make your body work for you.
  2. Severe Diet – Following up on skipping meals, if you restrict yourself too much your body goes into ‘starvation mode’. While you might see some weight loss on the scale, it is not going to be the type you want. You aren’t actually losing fat. Instead your body is breaking down muscle for nutrients. That will actually lead you to looking worse. The goal should be to look and feel good, not hit a specific number on a scale that means nothing.
  3. No Exercise – Diet alone can help you lose weight but not nearly at the same pace if you add in workouts. Along with burning fat directly during cardio sessions, adding muscle tone makes your body look better and become more efficient at burning calories during daily activities.
  4. Fad Programs – This covers diets and exercise. It is called a fad because most likely it is a short term solution that won’t really solve your problems or help you meet your goals. Tried and true methods have been around for years. There aren’t any shortcuts. Just put in the work and the results will follow.
  5. Too Much Too Soon – Enthusiasm has been the downfall of far too many diet and exercise programs. You decide to change your lifestyle and do a complete overhaul; new meals, new food in the house, running every day, and gym sessions at night. The enthusiasm is great but you need to ease yourself into it both mentally and physically. Not only do you risk burnout in a short time but you can also get injured which destroys progress.
  6. Not enough water – H2O is essential to your body. You need to get enough each day and regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated. It will help flush out toxins and make your workouts more effective.
  7. No carb diets – Carb cycling is okay but a true no carb diet is meant as a short term fix for about a week. Trying to maintain it for longer periods can be detrimental to your health and tough on you mentally.
  8. Going ‘fat-free’ overboard – First of all some fat in necessary. Secondly just because it is fat free doesn’t mean it is calorie free. Bad calories are just as bad as fat and in some cases worse when they come from processed foods.
  9. Not enough fruits and vegetables – When you are trying to shape up, fruit and vegetables should be the majority of your energy foods. They provide needed vitamins and minerals along with great energy and the good types of fat.
  10. Lack of protein – Protein intake is important to muscle tone and workouts. Don’t skimp on getting at least .5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day. It also keeps you full. Make sure you get regular protein during the day so your body has lots of amino acids available.

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