Healthy Breakfast Options

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A healthy breakfast is an absolute key to good eating. Far too many people skimp out on breakfast because of timehealthy breakfast options constraints as they try and meet hectic early morning schedules such as getting kids to school or themselves to work. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day as far as your body is concerned.

The type of fuel you start the day with sets the tone for your body as a machine. If you want it to run better, more efficiently, and as healthy as possible then make sure you are eating well from the start. Since time is always an issue this list of breakfast options includes plenty of things that take minutes to make and eat.

Ideally you want some protein to go with whole grain complex carbohydrates to start the day with a good energy source that won’t spike your glucose levels.


A lot of people start their day with a cup or two of coffee. Being a java lover myself, I get it. But for optimal nutrition you need to start your body off with something that will help hydrate you and not dehydrate you. No matter what you have for breakfast, always include a glass of water or juice. Or drink them when you first get up if you need to have coffee with your breakfast. That will get the rehydration process started after a long night of sleep.


For the time conscious people hard-boiled eggs are a huge boon. You can make a dozen of them on the weekend and then eat 2 in the morning. While some people knock the egg because of its fat content, not all of that fat is bad. Plus you need those 6 grams of protein each one provides. Feel free to add a few hard boiled eggs to any of the listed options for more protein.

Quick Breakfast Ideas

  • Granola Cereal – A good granola has added things like raisins, almonds, and nuts. It takes about 5 minutes to make and eat a bowl of cereal. Other options like a Kashi fiber type cereal are good as well. Use low fat or soy milk to keep the fat content down and add fresh fruit on top if you have the time.
  • Protein Shake – Personally my body does not appreciate a protein shake in the morning but if yours doesn’t mind then it is a quick and easy way to get a good morning boost. You can add frozen fruits like blueberries or strawberries for a smoothie effect.
  • Cottage Cheese – For flavor you can mix in a little honey or fresh fruits. You can mix it up to eat on the go or at work very easily. For more protein you can mix in a scoop (or less) of a soy or whey protein powder.
  • Non Fat Yogurt – A nice Greek yogurt is my preference. See all the above items used with cottage cheese for this fast and easy option. You can also mix in granola.

Other Breakfast Ideas

If you have a little more time…

  • Eggs and Whole Wheat Toast – Scramble up a few eggs (or egg whites/egg beaters) to go with a slice or two of whole wheat toast. Top the toast with honey and cinnamon. You can also use a nice almond butter.
  • Scrambled Tofu – Instead of eggs try some tofu. You can mix in veggies for more of an omelet style. This goes great with toast.
  • Oatmeal – This is close to a quick idea. Steel-cut oatmeal is very healthy. Heat it up and mix in cinnamon and honey. Then top with sliced almonds and ground flaxseed. This is a power packed breakfast.
  • Grapefruit – Fresh grapefruit is a great source of vitamins and fiber. It goes well with whole wheat toast and almond butter.


A standard portion is a good idea. Skimping on breakfast is never recommended because you need energy for a long day. It is much easier to cut back on calories at the end of the day when you are winding down. If you are burning a lot of energy, trying to add size, etc. then aim for larger portions with added protein such as hard boiled eggs.

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