How critical is pre workout food for growth?

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The more people learn about fitness and nutrition, the more true the statement, “True growth takes place outside ofpre workout food for growth the gym,” becomes. Yes, you have to stress a muscle to encourage muscle growth. But that growth either won’t take place or won’t take place as quickly and efficiently without the proper nutrition and rest.

Nutrition is actually a lot more complex and important to results than people realize. Often times when people seen tremendous results from someone else the finger quickly gets pointed at steroid use. But a very good diet including proper pre workout food and post workout nutrition can give your actual workout itself a huge boost in effectiveness.

So are you eating the right things to help you grow?

Pre Workout Food and Growth

To start with, a good meal before your workout is going to help protect your existing muscles. Working out with heavy weights creates what is called a ‘catabolic state’ in your body. That is a dangerous spot to be in because the body will then take muscle tissue and break it down to use for energy. As that is the exact opposite of why we workout, you need to make sure that you have consumed proper pre workout food including proteins and carbohydrates so the body has enough of the energy it needs.

That protein you ingest allows for a nice release of amino acids into the blood stream. What this does is promote protein synthesis which results in the muscles that get broken down during the workout to repair more efficiently and faster. What that means is more muscle growth! But you also need to be consuming the proper amount of calories overall in your diet; of a course the pre workout food you eat will add to that total.

If you don’t take the time to fill up your glycogen stores then your body doesn’t have the maximum amount of energy available. That means halfway through your workout you could run low on strength and intensity which then results in a sub-par workout and stress to the muscles.

The Bottom Line

Pre workout food is just as critical as the post workout meal. Those bookends to the actual workout are going to greatly increase the effectiveness of the workout itself. That means eating at the proper time, taking in the right mix of nutrients, and also loading supplements at the right time.

What is the point of trying so hard and working out so intensely just to short-change yourself and those efforts? That is like knowing you have to run a race and wearing a weighted vest or running in flip-flops. You are making the journey harder than it needs to be.

So take the time to prepare meals properly. Start the day with a great breakfast. Ensure that your pre workout food gives you the nutrients you need and charges you full of energy. Then after your workout make sure you get everything you need so that you can rest and grow like you have never grown before. Most people are amazed at how much better they look and feel when they learn how to take full advantage of a proper diet. Why not find out for yourself?

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