Q & A on Common Problems from Weight Training

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Many people develop problems when working out. Some are simple issues and others are more complex. But unlike when you have a problem with your car and just call the mechanic, it is harder to get a proper diagnostic about issues at the gym. Sometimes you can ask a personal trainer but they don’t always know.

But that is where years of experience as well as dealing with many similar problems come into play. We will now share that knowledge with you in this question and answer session.

Q & A on Common Problems

Q – Why do my wrists sometimes hurt after working out upper body but not other q & a on common problems from weight trainingtimes?

A – More than likely your form is suspect when holding a barbell. A lot of people do not have a great deal of wrist flexibility and a barbell (unlike dumbbells) force both wrists to twist and bend at the same time during some exercises. You can switch to more dumbbells or wear gloves with wrist supports.

Q – Deadlifts make my back hurt, should I not do them?

A – Try doing half deadlifts instead. Sometimes people have a problem in the lower half of the exercise because their form is bad. So lower the barbell to just your knees then come back up. If you are still having issues then you might just have a back problem that a doctor should look at.

Q – Do squats ruin your knees?

A – Yes when done incorrectly, but so do leg extensions and other leg exercises. However squats done properly actually strengthen your knees. Take the time to learn how to do them properly with light weights and it will pay big dividends to the health of your legs.

Q – My forearms are weak, what should I do?

A – First don’t use straps. Second do specific forearm and grip exercises. Generally big lifts like deadlifts help with grip strength and forearm size, but some specific forearm work is always a good idea too.

Q – My shoulders hurt sometimes on Chest or Shoulder day, what should I do?

A – First, include rotator cuff work in your warm-ups on both days. More than likely there is some deterioration there. Second, switch to dumbbell presses instead of barbell presses for bench work and shoulder work. They provide a better range of motion that puts less stress on the shoulder joints. After a few weeks of rotator cuff work try normal barbell work and see how they feel.

Q – I train hard all the time but I’m not getting bigger, what’s up?

A – More than likely you are overtraining. Take a break for a few days and do some research on overtraining and check if you have any of the symptoms.

Q – I get muscle cramps and spasms, is there something to take?

A – You can take ibuprofen, but more than likely you need more water and to stretch regularly.

Q – I can’t lose the fat around my stomach.

A – Focus on your diet and count calories for a few days to see if you are at -500 from what you take in. If so then increase your cardio by 50% per week. It will come off.

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