Snack Selection of Foods with Protein

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Picture this, you are starving at work in the afternoon and you need a snack. That probably isn’t hard to picture as it happens all the time at work, on a trip, and during the middle of the weekend. So what do you do? Hopefully you look for something to snack on from our list of foods with protein!

Eating smart makes a huge difference in your overall diet. Take a look at this list and try and incorporate some of the ideas into your normal routine.

Top Snack Choices

  • Protein Bars – If you are trying to follow a fit and healthy lifestyle then having a snack selection of foods with proteinsupply of protein bars available is a good idea. Of the foods with protein, these top the list because of the quality and amount you get from a single serving.
  • Trail Mix – Nuts, raisins, and other fruits can mix together into a high protein, high energy snack that is portable and tasty.
  • Yogurt – Plain, mixed with fruit, Greek, or really whatever style you like. Yogurt is a great and easy protein snack.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – If you bake them yourself you can add a scoop of protein to give them a kick, but even without they are a good source of nutrients and protein with the oats and egg.
  • Tofu Sticks – Slice tofu into sticks and bake to make simple snacker sticks.
  • Chocolate Milk – With or without protein powder, this is a great choice available just about anywhere. Always go with the low fat option.
  • Snickers – If all else fails, grab a snickers bar. It has peanuts for some protein.
  • Deli Rollups – Take lean deli meat, top with low fat cheese and some pepper, rollup and eat.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – Just peel, add salt, and enjoy.
  • Beef Jerky – Snap into a Slim Jim? You bet! You can find jerky just about anywhere and it is a great source of protein.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Roasted pumpkin seeds have a whopping 14 grams of protein per half a cup. That makes them a great option to snack on and also makes them one of the best foods with protein.
  • Cheese – Simply packets of cheese like those for kids are a great and simple source of protein on the go.

Making it Work

The thing about following a good diet is that it does take some work. It is a good idea to keep a supply of some of these great foods with protein at home, in the car, at work, and really anywhere hunger strikes. That way you can “feed the need” with a food of your choice rather than being subject to what is available in a vending machine or at the gas station mini-mart.

By taking control of your diet in all facets it keeps your nutrition more stable which is very important to meeting and exceeding your goals. Consistency in nutrition and workouts is one of the biggest keys and by utilizing foods with protein as a basis for eating you will be well on your way to meeting those goals.

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