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The Best Habits for Bodybuilders

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There is a famous book titled, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This article is the same idea but we instead are looking at the habits of the more successful bodybuilders. Do you have any of these habits? If not, you might want to consider practicing them because they really work!best habits for bodybuilders

  1. Consistency – You only get better at something by working hard at it. Consistency is a key to that hard work because you can’t go through life taking two steps forward and one step back. If you are sick or injured of course you get a break. Other than that you should be following your program every day if you expect to meet and exceed your goals.
  2. Rest – A great quote from the Borne novel is that, “Sleep is a weapon” because a well rested body is more prepared to handle what is thrown at it. You can’t recover and grow if the body doesn’t have a chance to rest so make sure you get good sleep every night. During those 8 to 9 hours growth hormone gets released.
  3. Stay Hydrated – The tissues of your body need their H2O! Being properly hydrated helps with endurance, mental alertness, blood flow, and even digestion. You want to drink water regularly during the day to ensure optimum hydration.
  4. Stretch – People talk about stretching but don’t do it nearly enough. You should learn to stretch every morning after waking up and every night before going to bed in addition to pre and post workout. This simple regimen will help alleviate soreness and increase muscle size and recovery. It also reduces your chance of injury.
  5. Cardio – Don’t skip the regular cardio. You need a strong heart, good lungs, and a solid level of cardiovascular conditioning in your life. Plus it helps keep your body fat down. There is no reason not to do cardio and every reason to do it regularly.
  6. Eat Every 3 Hours – A small meal is easier to digest, keep your metabolism flowing, and keep energy up. Plus it makes it easier to consume the protein you need. Why stuff yourself silly when you can keep that stomach small and just eat every few hours. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  7. Positive Attitude – Your brain is a powerful friend and deadly foe. When you have a positive mindset about reaching your goals then they are easier to reach. Plus, people who are positive and upbeat are generally more relaxed and easy-going. This leads to less stress which means better sleep. These are all things that your body thrives on.

Yes these 7 things are probably all stuff that you have read about or been told before. But, are they habits? The keys to success for highly effective people and successful bodybuilders both work because the people do them all the time (or everyday). By always doing what needs to be done as second nature it gives you a huge advantage of those who do things sporadically. So don’t make excuses! Adopt these habits and watch as things just get bigger and better for you!

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