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Counting Calories by Hand

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Who likes counting calories, can I get a show of hands? Yes calorie counting can be tedious but it is also very necessary if you are trying to reduce your weight. How can you know how much you are taking in if you aren’t counting?

So to help you with that we have an easier method by which you can keep track of those calories sometimes to ensure you have an easier time reaching your goal. What is the best thing about this tip? It is just a simple matter of using your hand.

The Hand Method

This is a style of estimating calories and servings that can be done rather easily. It is not an exact science; but then again it is almost impossible to determine exactly how many calories you burn in a day as well. So what we are showing here is called the ‘hand method’ which is used to quickly measure out a serving of whatever you are taking in.

When you are eating out at a restaurant or having dinner at a friend’s house it can be difficult to determine how much you are eating or what you should limit yourself to. Since it would be rude to pull out a measuring cup or kitchen scale to determine portions there is a simple system to measure how much you are taking in.

Keep in mind this method is based on you knowing the basic calorie amounts of standard portions of common foods.counting calories by hand If not there are plenty of places to find that and even apps you can download on your smart phone. How easy is that?

  • Meat Serving – It should be the size of your palm
  • Fruits and Veggies – The size of a closed fist
  • Beans – The palm of your hand
  • Grains – The size of a closed fist
  • Dairy – The palm of your hand

Now again this is not exact science because everyone has different sized hands. Men have bigger hands than women therefore things will be slightly smaller for women. But, since women take in fewer calories is that really a big concern? No because this method is just an estimate for when you are out and about and you are really only doing an eyeball look anyway for a general serving size.

If you aren’t sure how this method compares to your hand to an apple or an orange. If your fist is close to the same size then you are in business. However for a smaller or larger size hand you now have an approximate adjustment for our handy table.

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