A Great Bodyweight Strength Routine

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No gym, no gear, no problem! Sometimes it is really handy to have a few bodyweight routines in your bag of tricks. bodyweight strength routineThat way you can get a great workout in no matter where you are! On vacation, on a work trip, or just at home when you don’t feel like going to the gym; this routine covers it all.

This style of bodyweight routine is great for men or women and can be done as a nice co-ed routine if you and your significant other want to train together.

The Body Barbell Routine

This routine is meant to be done as a circuit. Try not to rest between exercises but take a minute to rest between circuits. Ideally you want to aim for at least 3 circuits.

  • Y Squats – 10 to 15 repetitions – Why not? Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Extend both arms overhead and out to form a “Y”. Then slowly squat back and down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your back flat, squeeze the glutes and push up from the heels as your drive your hips back up.
  • Spider-Man Pushups – 6 to 10 repetitions – Assume a normal push-up position. As you lower down lift your right foot off the ground and rotate your knee outward and then try to draw your knee towards your elbow as you get all the way down. Reverse the movement as you push back up. This is a bit tricky to master the balance and coordination. For the next repetition use the left leg and alternate every rep.
  • Jump Squats – 8 to 12 repetitions – These are like Y Squats except the arms are held close to the sides. This time, as you explode upward keep going and jump as high off the ground as you can. Land and then perform a normal, non-jumping squat to complete 1 repetition.
  • Spider-Man Lunge – 8 to 12 repetitions – It’s like a superhero routine! Start in a push-up position. Take your right foot and try and step it forward in a lunge until it is next to your right hand (bend the opposite leg slightly). Return to the start position and then lunge with the other leg to complete 1 repetition.
  • Single-Leg Deadlifts – 8 to 12 repetitions – These are done in Romanian Style. Stand on one foot with the other leg slightly bent. Keep your back flat and bend forward at the waist. The non-weight bearing leg should rise up behind you. You arms can travel forward to help keep balance. Straighten back up by tightening your glute and hamstring muscles. Do the 8 to 12 repetitions per leg.
  • Plank Reach – 30 seconds – You need a smooth floor surface and two small hand towels. Get in a push-up position with a towel under each hand. Let your right hand slide forward as you go down into a push-up and try and straighten your right arm then return to the starting position and use the other arm. Keep alternating back and forth.

This is a very tough routine that will build a lot of natural body strength and coordination as well as agility.

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