The Dreaded Diet Review

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How often should you be looking at your diet? Probably more often than you do.

Anyone who has a serious fitness or health goal needs to understand that a good diet will provide much better results than just working out. While you can’t gain slabs of muscle or more explosive speed and agility without training, neither can you obtain the body you want in the shortest amount of time without eating the right way.

But even with that knowledge it is rather amazing how many people do not take the time to regularly review their diet.

Diet Keysdreaded diet review

You should have a diet plan. It should be calculated out with the proper intake of calories, fats, carbs, and proteins to meet your fitness goals (gaining muscles, losing fat, etc).

The plan should be followed rather rigorously. Cheat meals every once in a while should be acceptable. Entire cheat days or huge binge meals set you back further than you probably realize.

Weekly measurements should be taken. If you don’t monitor your weight and body measurements each week how can you be sure if the plan you are following is as effective as you might want? Daily monitoring is a bit much as weight can fluctuate too much from day to day for this to be reasonable and it can cause a lot of anxiety in some people.

Monthly reviews of your plan should take place. If you are tracking how much you workout and have a regular diet plan then ideally you want to review things each month. That is enough time to see if you are meeting an acceptable average loss of fat or gain of muscle over a 4-week period.

Make small adjustments. Any reasonable plan should only be adjusted in small increments if the goals aren’t being met. Sometimes a minor shift can make a big difference while a huge shift can really throw your body off and then it will take time to readjust to the new diet.

The Bottom Line

Most of the success and failure people have in fitness and health programs has to do with what they eat. You can train like a maniac for 3 hours a day but completely waste that effort if your post-workout meal involves half of the Dollar Menu at McDonalds. By the same token, overanalyzing every aspect of your diet each day can have a negative effect because it might lead o constant tinkering to your diet which confuses your body. That can lead to little or no changes because your body has to keep adjusting to things being different.

A great diet is key, but more than likely it won’t always be perfect. Checking in every month gives you the ability to make adjustments to ensure you stay on the path to reach the goal you have set as quickly as possible. Health and fitness is usually a journey and it makes a lot of sense to ensure that the trip is efficient.

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