Spending Less Time in the Gym

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Want to boost your gains while being in the gym less? Well read on to learn some great tips!spending less time in the gym

I will fully admit that I used to spend way too much time in the gym. Back when I started training a lot of programs had you working out at least two hours a day. Sometimes you just did cardio and weights (or weights and cardio) while other times it was a morning/evening split.

But after awhile you get tired of being in the gym. It could be a case of lack of time or maybe you just want to do other things with your personal time. Either way if you don’t want to be there or can’t be there then you shouldn’t be. But since you still want to keep yourself at a certain level of fitness you have to find creative ways to accomplish both goals. That is where these tips come in.

7 Tips for Spending Less Time in the Gym

Have a Plan – You can actually some people decide what to work out at the gym while they stand around. That should not be you. Personally when I am driving to the gym that is when my workout starts. I have some good music on and I am sipping water while I think about what exercises I will be doing and the order. By the time I walk in I am ready to go and get started!

Skip Socializing – If I want to talk to someone I do it before or after my workout (or during cardio). At one recent session I did 5 sets over two exercises for my back while these two guys talked between a set. Not only is that a huge amount of time to waste but your muscles are getting a limited workout at well.

Short Breaks – The only time I take more than a minute between sets is on my heaviest sets on big compound lifts; that means for squats, deadlifts, bench press, and barbell rows. Otherwise it is only 30 to 60 seconds while I adjust weights and stretch. There is no reason to take longer. The same goes for between sets. I unload my barbells and move on to the next exercise with at most taking a sip of water. If you get thirsty bring a bottle of water with you.

Don’t Repeat Exercises – This goes a bit into overtraining, but really what is the point of doing the same type of exercise over and over? Doing a set of barbell rows, cable rows, T-Bar rows, and the machine rows is extreme overkill and not in a good way. Don’t waste time with repetitive exercises; just kill the muscle the first time around.

Train in the Off Hours – I avoid prime time gym hours like the plague. Generally I am in there during the mid morning when a lot of aerobic classes are full but the weight section is mostly empty. If you compare that to right after 5 o’clock it is like the difference between a drive in the country compared to a morning commute in Los Angeles. Less of a crowd means less waiting for stations.

Use Smaller Splits – If you are trying to do back, biceps, abs, and calves in a single session that might explain why you are there for so long. Split your body over 4 to 5 days if you find that you can’t get done with your workout in 45 minutes or less.

Focus – When I go to the gym it is to train so that is what I do. Put your game face on and take care of business. Keeping focus helps the pace of your workout versus getting distracted talking to people, watching girls, or following the game on TV.

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