The Top Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

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Successful bodybuilders take supplements. That statement isn’t open for debate. Ask any champion caliber bodybuilder, natural or other type and he or she will give you a list of all the supplements that they take. Of course there will be some differences between what a natural bodybuilder takes versus those who use other performance enhancers.

As many amateur lifters and fitness enthusiasts consider themselves natural it is a good idea to specifically look at what the group should be taking as part of a good supplementation program. So what natural bodybuilding supplements are the most important for a natural bodybuilder to use?top natural bodybuilding supplements

The Top 5 Naturals

  1. Overall Health – Fish Oil is by far one of the best things a person can take for a healthier life. This is especially true for men. Fish Oil provides valuable Omega-3’s, specifically EPA and DHA which are what you get from fish. The benefits are wide ranging but include added vitamins and additional minerals to your diet, helps with diseases such as cancer, reduction of cardiovascular problems, helps with depression, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Those benefits go far beyond what a bodybuilder specifically needs, but it is so useful that it makes this list.
  2. Muscle Gain – To help gain muscle you need to include BCAA’s in you program. This is one of the best natural bodybuilding supplements and should be utilized in powder format as an intra-workout supplement to help kick-start the muscle recovery and growth phase. Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks you need and will help with performance, energy, endurance, fat loss, and recovery.
  3. Muscle Growth – Creatine is by far one of the best supplements across the board. It is completely natural and not banned by any sports of associations. It assists with muscle growth, energy, hydration at the cellular level, and enhances performance. Ideally you should look for a Creatine supplement that includes Beta-Alanine which is a non-essential amino acid that can really help with strength, mass, endurance, and energy as well.
  4. Whey Protein – This is not specifically a supplement, even though so many people classify it as one so it probably should be. Really whey protein acts as a meal replacement instead of eating eggs or chicken breast. Because of the quality of the protein you get in powder form it is essentially superior to all other types you can ingest. When you add in the low cost and ease of consumption it is very apparent why this is such a popular supplement.
  5. Overall – Of all the natural bodybuilding supplements, the multivitamin is probably the most important overall. Even eating a good diet, many people are hard pressed to get their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals in every single day. The multi-vitamin helps avoid that concern. In addition most bodybuilder level vitamins include amino acids such as beta-alanine and other useful compounds.

Are there others? Of course there are plenty of natural bodybuilding supplements a person can take, but these are the bare minimum. You should start with these basics and learn exactly how they affect your body and training. Then, after a certain level experience and time has been put in you can explore other options to see what else can push your training up to the next level.

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