What are the Top Rated Bodybuilding Supplements?

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It can be difficult for a consumer to decide between the numerous supplement products available these days. Flashytop rated bodybuilding supplements advertisements, professional endorsements, or even just a good sale can easily sway judgment amongst people. One of the better ways to select supplements is by choosing from the top rated bodybuilding supplements and utilizing the feedback from other consumers and industry professionals.

Much like Consumer Reports, people provide reviews and feedback. This type of rating system allows people who aren’t as familiar with something to gain a better understanding or level of comfort because so many other people have already endorsed it with positive feedback.

Top Rated Bodybuilding Supplements

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey – This product has been highly rated since it first came out and is always a top seller. Gold Standard Whey is simply the best whey protein product on the market, hands down.
  • MusclePharm Assault – Winner of’s pre-workout supplement of the year, MusclePharm puts a lot of great products on the market. Assault is a Creatine based pre-workout system that helps provide energy, reduce fatigue, and help with overall performance with your workouts.
  • SciVation Xtend – Another of the top rated bodybuilding supplements is Xtend which is an intra-workout and post-workout recovery supplement. It is full of BCAA’s, electrolytes, and vitamins to help promote maximum protein synthesis and recovery.
  • Cellucor Super HD – This is a great fat loss supplement that was voted as’s top Fat Loss Supplement for 2012. It combines a variety of items to increase fat metabolism, reduce appetite, and increase energy.
  • Optimum Opti-Men Multivitamin – This is a top selling, top rated bodybuilding supplement that is great for any man who wants to live a healthier life. More than just a Flintstone-type vitamin, the Opti-Men is full of amino acids, minerals, and so much more than a regular multi-vitamin.
  • Optimum Essential AmiN.O. Energy – If you need energy then this is a top rated supplement for you. Full of BCAA’s and a unique energy blend, this supplement helps with endurance, stronger workouts, faster recovery, and a big boost in energy without adding sugar or fat.

Now these are just a half-dozen of the top rated bodybuilding supplements that are popular and top sellers at multiple outlets. You might notice that one brand is mentioned in the list a few times; Optimum. It’s not that this article is trying to sell their products, but simply that their products are all really good and very highly rated. The same can be said for products from BSN or MusclePharm.

If it gets down to a choice between price and you are looking at these specific three brands, it is doubtful you can go wrong selecting one over the other. But, if you are given the choice always go with the top rated supplement as that has proven itself to numerous people as being extremely effective and will be for you as well.

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