Benefits of Bench Press for Muscle Mass

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The benefits of the bench press are something everyone should be aware of; the exercise Bench Pressstill remains one of the best upper body exercises out there. Yes there are a couple of other exercises that are certainly comparable for building mass in the upper body such as the pull-up, barbell row, and clean-and-press, however for many of us the bench press has a special place in our hearts and workout routines.

For many guys, the bench press was one of the first exercises we tried to tackle in the gym. So let’s get to why everyone should be benching!

Benefits of the Bench Press

  • Chest Builder – One of the main benefits of bench presses is that of being the best mass builder for the chest. It is the primary compound, or multi-joint, exercise for the chest. When done properly there is no exercise better for adding muscle mass and increasing strength in the chest.
  • Upper Body Builder – Along with the chest, the triceps and shoulders get one heck of a workout. Even other muscles such as the back, core, and forearms act as stabilizers. Using so many muscles in a single exercise helps produce additional testosterone in the body which in turn increases overall muscle mass.
  • Variations – You have barbell and dumbbell and then you have flat, incline, and decline options. That gives you six different ways to utilize this one exercise to help build mass.
  • Increased Strength – Pushing strength is important. You use it for everything from moving heavy stuff to other lifts like shoulder presses. The bench press is the best exercise out there for increasing pushing strength.
  • Athletic Power – The bench press is a great exercise to target explosive power workouts with. Anyone who does sports can use explosive strength to increase performance.
  • Ego – If this is important to you, then knowing “how much you bench” can help stroke your ego. For guys, knowing that they are stronger than other guys is sometimes important.
  • Pec Dance – Again, if this is important to you…one of the benefits of the bench press is building a big, powerful chest that can then be flexed to dance. Hey…sometimes the ladies like it!

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of benefits of bench pressing. Unless you don’t have access to a bench, there are no good reasons to not include the bench press into your routine. It has been a staple of both men and women with amazing bodies for centuries because the exercise works and works very well. Really when it gets down to it, the question isn’t why should I bench, but why am I not benching more.

For those people who worry about injury, the key is proper warm-ups and then use of good form to put your joints in a safe position while giving your muscles a chance to grow.

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