Adding Tri-Sets to the Mix

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It is always good to have plenty of options in your workout toolbox. The more ways you Shoulderscan do something allows you to customize and tweak things to make them as effective as possible for your own personal needs. So with that in mind we are bringing the idea of Tri-sets up for those who aren’t aware of them.

Most people have heard of supersets, where you combine two exercises and do them back to back before repeating. Tri-sets are similar to that idea but instead you add a third exercise to the mix. In essence it is like doing a mini circuit. You do the three exercises one at a time resting minimally in between and that is counted as one set.

Why Tri-Sets

Tri-sets are a great way to speed up your workout time, pump up the muscles, and increase your muscle endurance. Ideally you use them for once muscle group at a time. As more often than not you use three exercises for a muscle group, a single tri-set can have you done in no time. By doing so many reps in a row, even with different exercises, the result is incorporating some serious endurance training. Also for people pressed for time this method of training speeds things up while also ramping up the intensity.

Shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and calves are all great muscle options for working with tri-sets. While you can use them for larger muscle groups like the back and legs, it can be difficult to do because of the amount of blood flow and effort involved for such large muscles.

Common Tri-Sets

Here are a few example programs for tri-sets that you can easily incorporate into your own routine. For weight, use about 60 to 70% of what you normally handle for the second and third exercises. The initial exercise can be done with whatever weight you can normally handle. Exercises are varied to try and hit a muscle from all angles.


  • Side Dumbbell Laterals
  • Front Dumbbell Laterals
  • Front Dumbbell Rows


  • Hammer Curls
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls
  • Barbell Spider Curls


  • Close-Grip Bench Press
  • Rope Handle Triceps Pushdowns
  • Dips


  • Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Flat Bench Flyes
  • Push-ups

Incorporating Them in Your Routine

The nice thing about Tri-sets is that they are very easy to incorporate into any routine. Let’s say you decide to use them this week. Just swap out your normal workout for a muscle and replace it with a tri-set. You can do anywhere from 2 to 4 tri-sets and the rep range can be anywhere from 6 to 15. In this case it is all personal preference.

More than likely a good tri-set will be enough but if you want to do more you can easily add an additional compound movement or isolation movement to ensure you hit the muscle from all angles. Ideally you would use a tri-set that covers the angles already but sometimes you need a little more kick to your routine.

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