What are the essential Bodybuilding Supplements?

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The word essential is an interesting one. The basic definition is ‘of utmost importance’. So what is of the utmostessential bodybuilding supplements importance to a bodybuilder?

The list of essential bodybuilding supplements is actually going to have quite a few items on it. The reason is that building a quality physique, which you do in bodybuilding, can take a long time. However it takes even longer when you are not optimizing your nutrition and supplementation.

You have to think of supplements as shortcuts. By adding the right ones in at the right time you make every phase of the process more efficient which in turn nets greater results in a shorter period of time. So when you look at it that way, unless your goal is to build a quality physique over a 10-year period, the list of what is considered essential bodybuilding supplements will contain quite a few items.

The Bare Essentials

  • Protein PowderProtein powder is an absolute must for any serious bodybuilder. Because it can be absorbed into the body so easily and has such a high rating of useful elements, it makes the perfect addition to a nutritious diet. Along with being convenient, you can utilize different types of protein powder for longer or slower releases which can help optimize your intake during the day and night.
  • Multivitamin – Multivitamins have come a long way. No longer are you just looking at getting the basic required daily allowances. With a quality multivitamin you get additional vitamins, minerals, and even other compounds like amino acids to help give your body what it needs on top of a balanced diet.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids – Amino acids are the basic blocks used by the body. By ingesting them via capsule you ensure that your body has enough available to improve your exercise performance. If the body doesn’t have enough when they are needed then muscle breakdown can occur so those nutrients can be harvested. Aminos also help prevent fatigue.
  • Pre-Workout Fuel – There are a lot of pre-workout fuel mixtures. Most contain creatine which is extremely important for a bodybuilder. In addition they might have NO3 or other great additions to help provide more energy for your workout. Creatine specifically is used up during workouts rapidly so having a regular dose ensure that the body has what it needs for energy and water absorption in the muscle tissue. The additional energy allows you to workout more intensely and then obtain greater gains from the workout which is why this is one of the essential bodybuilding supplements.
  • Workout Fuel – Along with having the right nutrients before a workout, replacing what you are losing during a workout is critical for a bodybuilder. That ensures that your energy level stays up along with endurance. Also that means you are pre-loading nutrients for the recovery phase which is vital to muscle growth.
  • Post-Workout Recovery Fuel – After a workout is when true growth occurs, but only if the body is given time to recover and has optimum nutrients available. By immediately loading up with the right kind of post-workout fuel with a mix of amino acids, slow releasing protein, and carbohydrates can make sure you get the maximum growth results from your workout.

Can you get by without these supplements? Of course you can. But they are essential bodybuilding supplements because nobody wants to take years to get gains they could achieve in a matter of months if they simply provided their body exactly what it needs to change and grow as efficiently as possible. There are lot of varieties and brands of each of these supplements and some people prefer one over the other, but the bottom line is that they are all essential to being a successful bodybuilder.

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