The Top Bodybuilding Workouts

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There are a lot of ways to work out your body. Training has evolved over the years and the end result is a bevy of Top Bodybuilding Workoutsmethods you can use to transform your body. Of course this can create a problem as people are often left wondering which of all of these bodybuilding workouts will be the most effective.

Some routines are certainly better than others. To that end this list was compiled to help gain some clarity of what the top options are that you should be utilizing when building your body.

The Top 5 Bodybuilding Workouts

  1. Training Split – This is a conventional way of working out that many people use for their bodybuilding workouts. Basically you split the body up over a certain number of days and focus on one or two muscle groups that are often utilized together in each session. An example might be combining chest, shoulders, and triceps into a single workout. This routine is utilized because each muscle can be given more attention within the session to really help shape and form the body. You typically use three to five exercises per body part.
  2. Circuit Training – Some people are looking to work on strength, endurance, and burning calories all in a single workout; for them circuit training is a great option. Generally you take a group of exercises (around 8 to 12 total) and perform a single set of each exercise. You move from exercises to exercise with a 30 second rest at most between exercises until one complete circuit is done. Then after resting a minute or so you typically repeat the circuit another time or two. The pace helps keep the heart rate elevated. Many people either do a whole body routine or an upper/lower routine. You can use this type of workout for tone and endurance or muscle building.
  3. Upper-Lower Split Routine – This routine is often one of the first bodybuilding workouts people use to help gain mass. The workouts are split into an upper body day and a lower body day with a person often working out four times in a week. The exercises are typically large, compound movements that focus on heavy weights to build muscle size.
  4. Full Body Routine – This is similar to the Upper-Lower split but you work the entire body in a single workout. Many people prefer this method combined with working out three days a week such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A common method is to pick a single exercise per body part and then work the entire body with 10 to 12 exercises. Then each session you switch exercises. For example, on day one for chest you might use a bench press then on the next session you would use incline dumbbell presses. This affords some variations and works the muscles differently while still being simple. This is a common routine for a beginner.
  5. Bodyweight Exercises – This style of exercise is popular because you can do it pretty much anywhere. Routines are often based around speed, explosion, and endurance utilizing core exercises such as the squat and push-up. A bodyweight routine can build some muscle but is mostly used as a way to maintain and burn calories. It makes a useful addition to anyone’s bag of tricks.

These are five of the best bodybuilding workouts. Each one works very well, but at the same time it should be noted they are designed around meeting a specific goal. Overweight people might focus on circuit training to tone up and slim down while a skinny person might use and upper-lower split to try and gain maximum size. Really it depends on exactly what you are looking to do. Of course it should be noted that all routines can be used by anyone and including some variety in your program is always a great way to surprise the body and create more growth.


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