The Top 4 Chest Exercises for Mass

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What are the best chest exercises for building mass? Most people would probably just say the flat


bench press is all you need but we disagree. Muscles can’t simply be worked to maximum effectiveness with a single exercise. You need to incorporate a few principles if you truly want to get the most out of a workout.

That means working the belly of the muscle, getting a great stretch to help lengthen the muscle, working for strength, and adding an explosive element. Plus, you need to work both the positive and negative of the muscle. By getting all of this into your chest routine, you are working the muscles every which way but loose.

Not sure where to start? Check this list of chest exercises that meet those criteria.

Top 4 Chest Exercises – Mass

  • Weighted Dips – These are mass builders pure and simple. The dip has always been a great exercise for packing on upper body size. After you master your bodyweight you need to add more to keep the reps lower in the 6 to 10 range. One big key with dips over other exercises is doing very slow negatives to get the maximum work in the negative portion of the muscle. Dips are unique in that if you give out on the positive you won’t drop anything on yourself. Plus you get a wicked stretch.
  • Decline Barbell Press – Honestly for pure mass the decline bench is a little bit superior to a flat bench because you can’t cheat. That control is critical when handling heavy weight if you want to incorporate the maximum number of fibers for building muscle.
  • Flat Bench Dumbbell Press – This exercise really hits the entire meat of the pectoral muscle. By using dumbbells you have a greater range of motion and force both sides to work evenly. In addition, as you bring the bells together you can really squeeze and work the inner chest. Plus you can’t really cheat like people do with a bench press when using dumbbells. Control is key or you end up dropping one.
  • Explosive Pushups – Rapid, explosive movements build muscle size and strength too. Think about a sprinters legs and how ridiculously large they are. Using an explosive pushup is basically the same idea converted from legs to chest exercises. To do these get in a normal pushup position and lower yourself slowly, in control. At the bottom flex your arms and chest to push at the floor as hard as possible to explode upward high enough to clap your hands.

The Bottom Line

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your chest, but if you use these mass building chest exercises, you will certainly get there faster. Make sure to incorporate at least two of these chest exercises into your routine and you should certainly see some serious swelling in your pecs in no time as the muscles will be forced to grow bigger and stronger.

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