How has Designer Protein Formulation made Bodybuilding Easier?

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Designer protein is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, advantage bodybuilders of today have over those fromprotein formulation made bodybuilding easier earlier years. Yes, there have been some great advances in the utilization of other supplements such as Creatine and pre-workout formulas to help maximize potential during a workout. But, protein is still the building block of muscle and adding muscle is a primary goal of bodybuilding.

So from a purely logical perspective, you have to say that designer protein is an advantage. Of course for people who have only been involved in the sport recently they might not understand how big of a jump using various shakes and products have provided.

The Good Ole Days

It used to be that the only way to add protein to your diet was to literally eat like a horse. The big bodybuilders and powerlifters in the 1960’s and 70’s (even into the 80’s) commonly had diets packed with protein. Breakfast might include 12 egg whites in an omelet. Chicken breasts or some other form of high potency protein accompanied every single meal. Guys ate 6 to 7 times a day just to ingest what they needed.

Then supplements became more common and various types of protein powder such as soy and egg hit the market changing the game overnight. Suddenly you could substitute a couple of those meals for simple shakes. Powder could be added into cooking recipes to create high-protein pancakes or muffins. It wasn’t just all meat all the time anymore.

Top 5 Designer Protein Benefits

Quality – A system called Biological Value was created to measure the potency of various types of protein for the human body based on how much of that type of protein we can utilize along with how easily it is absorbed. An egg was highly rated at around 95 to 100 (depending on specific scale) with other natural sources being left; however a designer protein creation, such as a quality Whey Concentrate or Whey Isolate, can rate anywhere from 104 to 159 on the biological value scale.

BCAA‘s – Most designer proteins are packed with the three most commonly used branched chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. As the body needs these for building and maintaining muscle, having them in a simple powder that absorbs easily helps accelerate growth and repair.

Immunity – Most protein options now come with more than just proteins such as anti-oxidants to help boost your immune system.

Weight Loss – Alone with some fiber, using a protein powder can replace meals with something that is filling and yet has a low calorie count and has little to no fat. This can help with weight loss.

Simple – The most beneficial thing about design protein for most bodybuilders is how much simpler it has made the nutrition side of the game. Suddenly there are a lot more options for getting the required protein intake that doesn’t involve as much time in the kitchen or at the table. Plus the added variety is a huge bonus when you have to consume so many calories; you aren’t stuck eating the same exact thing all the time. The ability to quickly add protein in a liquid form that then absorbs faster makes getting the body what it needs when it needs it much easier.

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