Hot Tips for Eating Less

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Losing weight can be hard. It takes a lot of discipline. In many ways you can compare it to kicking addictive habits tips for eating lesslike smoking because most of us have conditioned ourselves to ‘need food’.

Some people might think that the comparison to cigarettes with nicotine as unreasonable, but it is really not. Sugar cravings are real and come from both mental and physical reasons. The body needs certain micro-nutrients and natural sends a signal for them. Centuries ago people would respond with natural things like fruits but in today’s world we often give our body processed food instead.

Mentally people enjoy the serotonin release in the brain that accompanies eating a sweet food. Of course having a constantly changing glucose level doesn’t help matters which is why one of the biggest diet tips is to wean yourself off sugar as much as possible so cravings will decrease and eventually be eliminated.

Easier said than done!

Eating Tips

These eating tips are useful anytime but will be the most effective when you are trying to change your eating habits. That is the point when you need the greatest mental discipline and even should use trickery because your body and mind will be resisting the changes. After your eating habits have adjusted for awhile it becomes easier to maintain discipline.

  1. Drink water. Not just daily but before each meal drink a full glass of water. For one, you won’t be as quick to fill up on a sugary drink. Also you will be fuller and not able to eat as much. Also an hour or two after eating drink another full glass. Everyone should be properly hydrated.
  2. Never eat when angry or upset. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and clear your mind focusing on happy thoughts and moments. Make sure to take a few nice, deep breaths and find that happy place instead of trying to eat yourself to it.
  3. Slow down. Never be in a hurry to enjoy that food. Make a conscious effort to enjoy the hell out of the first three bites. Eating slower tricks you into thinking you are fuller. Plus you should really take the time to savor the meal.
  4. Don’t eat alone. Sure it can’t always be helped but when you are with people make sure to talk with them. This will help you eat slower and take more time between bites. Plus the more stimulated the brain is the less you will care about the food.
  5. I’ll have black tea please. Skip the soda or other drinks and go with a simple black tea to sip while eating. It helps cut back on blood sugar levels.
  6. Chew gum. When you start to feel those sugar urges or hunger pains fire up a stick. Not only does it burn a few calories but it keeps your mouth busy.
  7. Keep healthy snacks around. The worst thing about urges is that they hit at the worst times; like when you are stuck at a conference with nothing but a vending machine for lunch. Combat that by always having fruit, nuts, and other simple options around that provide great energy.
  8. Stop at 150. It is okay to have the occasional sweet item but instead of going crazy aim for something small and simple like one cookie or something with 150 calories or less. Then make sure it is a once a day habit at the most.
  9. No sugar after 7. Completely cut out the evening sugar options. Have some popcorn or fruit if you need something (protein shakes are great too). Putting sugar in your body at night just sets you up for bad sleep and sugar cravings first thing in the morning.
  10. Hit the seeds. Sunflower seeds are a great way to help with eating urges. Kind of like gum, seeds in shells take a certain amount of effort to enjoy for a low calorie kick. Plus they make you thirsty to drink water which then fills you up.

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