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The Simplicity of Getting HUGE

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Getting a body that is rippling with large muscles is not that complex. In fact, the process is very straightforward with a few different avenues to reach that goal. Yet, there are countless people in the gym everyday who haven’t reached that objective. Tons of people jump on fad diets. Countless New Year’s resolutions are made and broken each year.simplicity of getting HUGE

So let me repeat myself – Getting a body that is rippling with large muscles is not that complex. Or even if your goal is for just a tight, ripped look; it is not that complex.

But if that is true then why aren’t more people built the way they want to be? Because saying you want something and doing what you need to do to get there are two completely different things.

Creating a Lifestyle

The simple fact is that most people can achieve the goals they set for themselves if they put forth the effort needed. But most people are afraid to fail. If you give something everything you have and then fail, the dream is suddenly gone. But if you always leave yourself ‘outs’ or ‘excuses’ then the dream is always alive.

You need to lose the fear of failure and set yourself up for success. In the world of fitness that means making your lifestyle geared towards becoming what you want to be. If you train regularly, put forth the effort each session in the gym, do your cardio, eat the way you are supposed to, and rest like you need to, then you will get the body you want.

Think about it; from that last sentence how often have you done all of those things each day for a week? I will wager that you skimped on at least a few things over the course of 7 days whether it was missing a session or having a burger and a beer one afternoon. Now a little bit of flexibility is fine otherwise you might go crazy, but most people miss a lot more than a little.

Your lifestyle needs to support your goals!

Change Your Habits

Read the articles, study the programs, and make a plan for success. Then remove the obstacles that generally get in your way. After that the last thing is to adjust your habits to the way things need to be to meet your goals.

If you typically stay up later than you should because watching Leno seems like a good idea and sometimes you eat chips during the monologue then you r habits are not helping you reach your goal. Instead TiVo that show and watch it the next morning while jumping rope. Get to bed on time instead. If eating right each day is a problem then make your meals the night before so you can grab it and go. Analyze and overcome the problems!

Look at your entire day and see where you are cheating on your goals. Some people don’t like this approach and rebel saying things like, “But it can’t always be work and no play!” That is true but I guess it is a matter of what is more important to you; achieving your goals or not really ever trying. If you get enjoyment and satisfaction out of how you look and enjoy your time at the gym then you should strive to accentuate that and make it better.

The Lesson

Be who you want to be. Live the way you need to live to be that person. Skip the excuses and break all the bad habits. If you want to be ripped then eat right all day every day and do that cardio. If you want big muscles then lift heavy and hard each time you hit the gym and utilize a proper diet to gain muscle. There is no secret pill or workout to make it happen. You have to make it happen.

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