Typical Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks

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Have you ever heard a term and not fully understood it? Then, because you don’t want to feel out of place, you avoid asking more and instead nod your head in agreement? That is exactly what comes to mind when people start talking about ‘stacks’ in bodybuilding and supplement conversations.

So what exactly are bodybuilding supplement stacks? The general concept is that a stack is a group of supplements that complement each other so people take them together.

It used to be that bodybuilders had to create their own stacks out of existing individual components because there was a limited pool of existing supplements that truly worked. However, as the supplement business has boomed, so has the variety of stacks that are now available all in a nice, simple package.

Top Stack Categories

Generally speaking there are 5 types of bodybuilding supplement stacks. Each stack has a combination of components provided from a singular manufacturer. Of course many people still prefer to mix and match between brands to find what works absolutely best for them.typical bodybuilding supplement stacks

  • Muscle Building – This is one of the more common bodybuilding supplement stacks. It is meant to focus around your workout and the pursuit of lean muscle mass. You usually have a pre-workout mix that is actually a stack within itself combining Creatine, BCAA’s, Glutamine, and protein plus perhaps a NO booster. Then you have a recovery stack to help start the round to faster recuperation.
  • Weight Gain – Depending on your body type, adding muscle size might be very difficult and require more than just eating a lot and hitting the gym. Along with stuff you find in a muscle building stack there are usually extra mass gaining shakes, testosterone boosters, and even extra BCAA capsules. The idea is to constantly flood your body with an excess of nutrients to help you grow like a weed.
  • Workout – These stacks are very popular. As mentioned in the muscle building stack, you generally start with a great pre-workout mix of Creatine and BCAA’s plus other additions to ensure energy, focus, endurance, and blood flow. Then you add in an intra-workout mix to replenish what is being used to not only keep the workout going, but kick start the recovery process.
  • Fat Loss – These types of bodybuilding supplement stacks are common for people trying to lose a lot of fat or trim up before a show. Metabolism booster, appetite suppressants, energy boosters, fat burners, and meal replacement options are common aspects of this type of stack.
  • Female – There are a few stacks geared just for women. They include vitamins and other vital components just for women.

Why Stack?

Bodybuilding supplement stacks can be very convenient and cheaper than mixing and matching. Many manufactures offer discounts when items are matched into a stack deal. When you are less experienced with supplementation, starting with a pre-made stack is often the best approach. Experienced professionals have combined their products in a way to take the guesswork out. That is perfect in the initial, learning stages.

As your experience grows it becomes easier to branch out and try new things. You can compare notes with other people and get an idea of how various components affect you. Then from there it is just a matter of playing Frankenstein and mixing up your own custom stack that fills your precise wants and needs.

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