Waste the Waist

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Need something new to blast your abdominals and firm up that midsection? Variety is the spice of life when working out! Not only do you need to attack your body from different angles but you also want to utilize the confusion principle so it doesn’t know what to expect. On top of that, mentally it can be nice to get a good change of pace in to increase your own enthusiasm over doing something different and new.

Even if you don’t use this routine right away it is always good to have routines in your back pocket for when the need arises. Plus, since people work abs and the core so often you will more than likely use it sooner rather than later!

Waste the Waist Routine

This routine can be done as a circuit or for straight sets. If you are doing straight sets waste the waistdo each exercise for 1 minute and three sets with a 30 second break in-between each set. For a circuit do one exercise after another and rest one minute then repeat he circuit 2 to 3 times. Do each exercise for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Russian Twists – Sit on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Lean back at a 45 degree angle but keep the back flat. Extend your arms straight out from your body and clasp your hands. Now slowly twist to the right as far as you can go. Pause, and then slowly twist as far to the left as you can go and then return to center.
  • Side Planks – Lie on your side and prop yourself up on your forearm with your elbow directly under your shoulder. Straighten your body out so it is a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles with weight on only your forearm and ankle. Keep your body tight and hold that position for the duration and then switch sides.
  • Swiss Ball Pass – Lie flat on your back with arms extended over your head and holding a Swiss ball. Raise your legs straight in the air with feet slightly apart. Now swing your arms toward your feet while crunching your upper body to pass the ball to your feet. Leave your arms in the air and lower your feet to the ground. Then reverse the motion to pass the ball back to your hands.
  • Swiss Jackknife – Assume a push-up position with a Swiss ball under your feet and shins. Use your abs to draw your knees towards your chest while your butt goes up in the air. The ball will roll along your shins. Reverse the motion to get back to the starting point.

There you go; a simple yet effective plan that will lay waste to your waist. You have been warned.

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