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Ways to adjust your Metabolism

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A lot of women (and sometimes men) look for simple ways to make adjustment to their daily routine to help in their fitness goals. With so little time available in a hectic daily schedule, doing a lot of little things everyday can add up nicely to provide an extra push towards reaching your goals. One such way to get a jump on things is by increasing your metabolism.

What is Metabolism?

Basically metabolism is defined as the “set of chemical reactions that happen in the living cells to sustain life.” In regards to fitness and health your metabolism also relates to your metabolic rate which is the speed in which these chemical reactions happen. A faster metabolism means your body is running at a higher rate which in turn requires more energy.

More energy means more calories burned doing regular activities as well as working out. If you are monitoring your diet with the goal of losing weight or keeping weight off, burning more calories each day is essential. If you can do it more efficiently in all aspects of a daily routine then that is even better!

Ways to Adjust your Metabolism

There are some rather easy things you can do to change how your body processes its regular functions. Even minor changes can help when you add up the total difference each day and each week. If you can simply increase your metabolism enough to burn an extra 75 calories a day from regular activity that equals 525 calories in a week which is the same as a very intense cardio workout.ways to adjust your metabolism

  • Drink Iced Water – This is a rather minor idea, but taking in cold fluids requires your body to warm the fluid to body temperature. Additionally you want to be well hydrated so this kills two birds with one stone.
  • Eating Frequent Meals – It is a bit of a counter-intuitive concept to eat more often when trying to stay slim. But, eating more small meals helps a lot with metabolism. Your body will be burning energy to digest food all day long if you eat every 3-3.5 hours.
  • Include Weight Training -While cardio is great for burning calories, weight training helps in the big picture. Muscle burns more calories than fat so aside from just losing the fat you should strive to create lean muscle to make your body a more efficient fat burning machine. Aim for at least 2 weight sessions per week.
  • Do Cardio to Start the Day – If you are doing cardio anyway, try and fit it in at the beginning of the day. This sets your metabolism at a higher starting point. While it will slowly decrease during the day, it is more effective to have that higher rate during the day when you eat more versus at night when you are resting and the body will naturally slow down even more.
  • Eat More Fiber in the Morning – Fiber rich foods not only keep you full, but they take a longer time to digest which keeps the metabolism up.
  • Keep your Body Cool – Lower the thermostat in the house and wear less clothing when possible. This forces your body to burn more energy to keep you warm. You shouldn’t make yourself overly uncomfortable, but a slight chill can really help out.
  • Eat More Protein – This not only fills you up but is also vital for making and sustaining lean muscles. Protein also takes a long time to digest which keeps the process burning calories longer.

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