Working Mom’s Guide: What to do When Not Making Gains

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All good things must come to an end; or at least that is how it feels sometimes. But in the realm of fitness why is this? We are in an amazing age of information where you can easily and quickly find just about anything you want on the internet. There are countless articles about fitness routines, diet options, and more; yet tons of people are still not meeting their fitness goals.

Why is this?

A Bit of Philosophy

Yes we are going to talk philosophy for a minute, but it is necessary. Far too often working mom guide what to do when not making gainspeople accept things as they are and react to situations around them. It is very rare that people take the time to enact or create change. Why? It boils down to a lack of specific goals and the all important focus.

The mind is an amazing thing. When we focus our minds on a given task it is very rare that we will not accomplish it. That is because with a clear goal in mind we are more prone to do everything we can to reach that goal. People don’t like to fail. But that is also the reason why people do not take the time to create specific goals. If you have a general goal of ‘getting in shape’ it is so arbitrary that how can you define if you meet it or don’t?

You can’t, which is why so many people use that for a New Year’s resolution; it is hard to fail at an arbitrary goal. But if you don’t have a finish line in mind how can you run the race?

Finding the Truth

What is the truth behind you not meeting your fitness goals? Answering this question is a difficult thing for many people to do. Often times we lie to ourselves or try and fool ourselves because admitting the truth is painful. The truth is absolute. It doesn’t allow for excuses. But once you face the truth, fixing the problems becomes so much easier.

Let’s look at a personal example. I always tell myself that I want ‘six-pack abs‘ but at best I get to a nice ‘four-pack’. Isn’t the truth that I want that look? Yes it is. But it is also true that I won’t put the proper amount of work in to get them. While I would hit the gym regularly and work on my abdominals (which are very strong and toned) I never applied my knowledge of dieting to eliminate the weight properly. I valued the taste of good food over the look of those abs.

But once I was honest about those feelings it became an easier choice. Telling myself each time, if you eat this then you are not going to meet your goal was exactly what my mind needed to hear. What is your truth? What stops you from not meeting your goals? Don’t make excuses, instead list out the problems and then we can work on solutions.


So what are your true priorities? What is the absolute most important thing about your fitness goals? You need to figure those out and then compare them to your life goals. Then you have to be brutally honest and decide what the most important thing to you is as you work through your daily activities. You might decide that looking a certain way is important, but not more important that family time. By the same token you might decide that looking a certain way is more important than having nightly desert with your family after dinner so you start to skip it.

Putting it all Together

The bottom line is that if there is conflict or uncertainty in your mind then it is hard if not impossible to reach your goals. First you need to figure out what it truly is you want in life. There has to be a level of brutal honesty about what has been holding you back and why. Then it is a matter of making a plan to get there. Once you have that in place the only thing left is to just do it.

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